Wyndriche quarterly meeting and extended combat practice

The Canton of Wyndriche (incipient) will hold its quarterly business meeting on Sunday, April 26, 2015 from 1:00-2:00 pm at the Unity College Activities and Gymnasium building, 90 Quaker Hill Road, Unity, Maine (see driving directions and a map of campus).

In addition to the quarterly business meeting, there will be an extended Wyndriche adult combat practice running from 2:00-5:00 pm at this same location right after the meeting. In case of inclement weather practice will be held inside the gymnasium.

Court Report: Jehan’s Fighting and Fencing at the Fort (April 18, 2015)

Herald badge: Vert, two straight trumpets in saltire, bells in chief, Or.

Report for the Court of: Baron Ané du Vey
Event: Jehan’s Fighting and Fencing at the Fort
Location: Endewearde
Date: April 18, 2015
Reporting Herald: Brita Mairi Svensdottir

Recipient Award Scribe
Saruca bint Lazari Keystone of Endeweard Medallion made by Hew of Albion, legacy medallion from Syr Cedric of Thanet

In addition: The Baron welcomed people to the event and asked for a moment of silence for departed friends.

Aaron Elbel was invited into court and given a token as he had authorized in his first rapier form at the event.

Finan MacBressail announced the winners of the youth combat tourneys: Phillip of Endeweard for Div. 1 and Basil Tregaris for Div. 3. There were no Div. 2 combatants. The prizes will be youth combat weapons crafted by Finan.

Baron Ané du Vey announced that Bison of Rolling Thunder had won the armored combat tourney. Bison was given a stick of rattan. Raeslin, who had impressed the Baron, was given a rattan sword blank.

Radbod announced that he had won the Cut and Thrust rapier tourney and that Robert Earlson had won the small sword tourney. Robert received a buckler and cloak to be brought back next year for the winner of next year’s tourney, Radbod received a cloak with the same stipulation.

The Baron thanked the staff of the recent EKU held in Endeweard, and then invited all present to accompany him to Middleground in Lyndhaven in May to defend Endeweard’s right to “our rock”.

The event staff of Jehan’s were thanked: Neville Sudlow, Tavern Keeper and deputy event steward, the canton of Basingestoches, the marshals, Otto Gottlieb for gate. The Baron again thanked everyone for coming and court was closed.

All Combat is Cancelled for Sunday, April 19th in Bangor, Maine

All of the combat practices that are regularly held on Sundays (Adult Heavy List, Adult Rapier Combat, Youth Fencing and Youth Combat) at the Bangor Housing Authority on Davis Road in Bangor, Maine are cancelled for Sunday, April 19, 2015.

As a reminder – the Barony of Endewearde will not be holding combat practices next Sunday, April 26th, at the Bangor Housing Authority site. Please join adult fencers and fighters at Unity College starting at 1 pm for an extended practice session (1-5 pm).


Canton of Basingestoches meeting & project night updates

The Canton of Basingestoches (incipient) will be holding a Business Meeting on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at Pat’s Pizza, 396 High Street, Ellsworth, Maine from 4:00-7:00 pm. You can view a copy of the meeting agenda by visiting
Canton of Basingestoches Meeting – April 21, 2015

The next project night for Tuesday, April 21, 2015 from 4-7 pm has been cancelled. We hope you will join us at the meeting instead.

SCA Board of Directors seek resubmission of commentary regarding proposed peerage

A message from the Society’s Office of Information Management and Technology –

Due to unidentified difficulties, some e-mail messages submitted to ‘comments@lists.sca.org’ after 6:00am EST and before 3:00pm EST on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 were approved for release to the list, but did not make it into the list’s archive.

In order to insure that -all- missives and comments are received by the Board of Directors for due consideration in advance of this weekend’s meeting in Cincinnati, OH, we would earnestly request that all commenters who sent messages during the window of time identified above to please resubmit their communications to the list. We apologize for any inconvenience this request may present.

Webministers and Social Media deputies are requested to distribute this un-edited message widely.

Thank you,

Michael Schneider
Vice-President, Information & Technology Management
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036

You may also email comments@lists.sca.org.

This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.

Site Change for East Kingdom University

Due to unpreventable circumstances beyond our control, tomorrow’s EKU needs to be held in a different location– we will be moving to Eastern Maine Community College, Maine Hall (354 Hogan Road, Bangor, Maine 04401. This is right down the street from the old location. ALL classes will still be held as planned and at their scheduled times– the room numbers will be different but there will be plenty of signs to help you find your way. Please pass this message along to any and all FB groups, mailing lists, and friends you may know of who are attending. Please contact the East Kingdom Chancellor at university@eastkingdom.org if you have any questions.

The Barony of Endewearde event website for East Kingdom University has been updated to reflect the site change. Driving directions have also been changed (based on Google Maps street view). An older photograph of a map of EMCC has been included to help drivers see where EMCC is in relation to Interstate 95 exits.

East Kingdom University – Saturday, April 11, 2015, in Bangor, Maine

The Barony of Endewearde is pleased to host an East Kingdom University (EKU) at the United Technology Center high school located at 200 Hogan Road in Bangor, Maine. This will be a day of sharing knowledge with over 70 classes offered.

In addition there will be opportunities to socialize with a pre-event gathering on Friday evening, April 10th, at a local area restaurant & brewery – see the event announcement for more information.

Plans for dinner & social gatherings after the EKU event are flexible. There is space reserved at a local area hotel, but please check with the event autocrat or co-autocrats for an update if you plan to join SCA friends later that day.

The Endewearde East Kingdom University event announcement with class updates, links to the EKU facebook event page, and other timely information is available at


Garb Workshop (Bangor) Saturday, April 4, 2015 Noon-6:00 pm

Baroness Margaret of Rochester extends an invitation to those who would like to work on making new garments for upcoming events. The workshop will take place at her home in Bangor on Saturday, April 4, 2015 from Noon – 6:00 pm. You may bring your fabric to cut, sew or embellish. You are also welcome to join the workshop if you just want ideas for future garb.

Check out the Endewearde Master Calendar for contact information so you can get driving directions to Baroness Margaret’s home.