Tourney of Love: Saturday, February 13, 2016

Heart shaped map (1534) by Oronce Finé, a French mathematician and cartographer. National Library of France.

Heart shaped map (1534) by Oronce Finé, a French mathematician and cartographer. National Library of France.


Fencers, Fighters, and Artisans! Come demonstrate your prowess and talents at the Tourney of Love. Three competitions to test your skills. A winner for each, though only entrants for all three may vie for the coveted pink baldric as the “Champeen O’ Love”. Who will challenge Baron Ané du Vey this year for the admiration of the Ladies of the Gallery?

Fencing, Rattan, Arts and Sciences competitions are the hallmarks of this tournament. Participants of the tourney may enter to win one or more categories. However, the Pink Baldric will be awarded to the gentle who excels in all three and displays that which the Ladies of the Gallery feel exemplifies a true Champion of Love. The whim of the Ladies of the Gallery may very well weigh heavily on the outcome of the tournament; after all, this is the Tourney of Love.

Regarding the A&S competition, any period projects created in the past two years are welcomed. Display or perform your best works!

Documentation is encouraged but not required. If you are unfamiliar with the idea of “documentation”, think of it as a written description of your work. Tell the viewer about the historical basis for your project and what materials and techniques were used in period to create the original item your piece is based on. Then explain your process and the decisions you made in regards to construction, materials (if they differ from period materials, tell what you used and why), and techniques used. You can also talk about what you might do differently next time.

♥♥♥ Please follow this link to download the Tourney of Love Arts & Sciences Fillable pdf form if you would like to get a head start on filling out your competition entry.

Site Opens: 9 AM
Site Closes: 10 PM

Event Website:


♥ 9:00 AM Doors Open
♥ 9:30 AM Vestry: Fencing authorizations begin
10:00 AM Vestry: Fighting authorizations begin. Please sign in at the MOL Table.
10:00 AM Youth Combat Tourney
11:00 AM Youth Fencing Tourney (cancelled)
11:00 AM MOL table open for tournament registration
11:00 AM Dayboard opens
11:45 AM MOL table closes for registration
12:00 PM Fencing tournaments (bear pit format)
2:00 PM Dance with Lord Gwillim and Lady Constancia in the sanctuary
3:00 PM Gate closes
Early Afternoon Arts & Sciences Performance entries judged by populace (Dorothy Hall)
Mid Afternoon Heavy List tournament (Vestry)
Late Afternoon Clean up / Set up for Dinner after the Heavy List tournament
4:30 PM Court (Sanctuary)
5:30 PM Feast is served. Dancing, singing, and general merriment as time allows. (Dorothy Hall)
10:00 PM (or earlier) Site cleanup. As many volunteers as can help are encouraged to stay and help put tables and chairs away, clean the spaces, and vacuum.


Please contact Lord Otto Gottlieb by email at with any questions about the Tourney of Love event.


Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor (UUSB)
120 Park Street
Bangor, Maine 04401

  • Make your way North or South to Interstate 95, exit 185 in Bangor.
  • Turn left onto Broadway.
  • At the Broadway and State Street light, turn right onto State Street.
  • Just before the next light, take a sharp right onto Park Street.
  • The UU church is on your left, parking is along the right side of the street.
  • There is additional parking available on Center Street, directly behind the Church.
  • This is a one-way street, which can be reached by taking a right at the light on State Street, onto Harlow Street, then another right at the next light onto Center Street.
  • There will be valet parking for those who request/need it.
  • Here is a map highlighting street parking and the public parking lot across from the Library:

Lord Otto Gottlieb has provided a quick map of parking areas around the Tourney of Love site through his dropbox account here:


SITE: Adult (18+): $10 (plus $5 for non-members)
Youth (6-17): $5
Kids (5 & under): free

Dayboard (lunch) is included.
Those attending the event only (not the feast), may pay at the door.

FEAST: Adults and Teenagers (13+): $13.00
Children (0-12): $5.00

Reservations required. Please pay the site fee with the feast fee. (see link to reservation form below)

♥ Reservations accepted until Friday, Feb. 5, 2016. Feast is capped at 70 people.
Good faith reservations for gentles coming from Canada are accepted upon notification of Master Godric, Exchequer & Reservation Clerk.
The event fee must be paid in order to also attend the feast.
No substitutions, please.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA-Maine, Inc. Endewearde


Young Woman with a Pink

The evening feast will be a four course menu as follows:

1st course
Chill Strawberry Soup
Cinnamon Pin wheels
Cheese cube

2nd course
Tarts De Chare (pork pie)
Peas coddle for a Fysche day (peas cooked in milk & ginger)

3rd course
Checonys in cyrip (chicken version of a rabbit recipe)
Burbon ginger glazed carrots
Pandemayne w/ parsley butter (white bread with parsley butter)

4th course
Mock swan
Raspberry tart
Gingerbrede cookies


Please submit your payment for the evening feast prior to Friday, February 5, 2016 using the reservation form below.


Event Steward:

THL Otto Gottlieb

Send Reservations to:

A fillable-PDF is provided for event and feast reservations. Please download the form and open with Adobe Reader (or equivalent). Results vary when filling out through a web browser.

Reservation form:

Send the form and payment to:

Raymond Sprague
Endewearde ToL 2016 Reservations
120 Hudson Road
Bangor, ME 04401

Other Contact Information:

Merchants are welcome. No table fees, though space is limited.



All images used are from online museum collections and are attributed as being in the public domain and thus available for noncommercial use.

Heart shaped map (1534) by Oronce Finé, a French mathematician and cartographer. Source: National Library of France.

Young Woman With a Pink. Artist: Attributed to Hans Memling (Netherlandish, Seligenstadt, active by 1465–died 1494 Bruges). Source: Metropolitan Museum.

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Officer Appointments for 2016

The following officer positions will be appointed at our first meeting in 2016.  Anyone interested in being considered for an office or who would like to be reappointed to their current office must send me a letter of intent by November 8th.  Those names will be announced at the November 15th meeting at which time I will seek comment from the populace.  Appointments will then be made, informed by the populaces comments, at our January 2016 meeting.  If you have an interest and want to know more about these positions please feel free to reach out to the current officers for information.
Web Minister
Knights Marshal
Chancellor Minor
Minister of Arts and Sciences (MoAS)
Local Youth Fighting Marshal
Local Youth Fencing Marshal
Master Godric is also seeking a deputy exchequer.
In Service,
Saruca Hatun bint Lazari

East Kingdom A&S Champions/Tourney of Love Update

Good Day,

We have just gotten word that our bid was not accepted for the East Kingdom A&S Champions event.  Their Highness’ already had another SCA event on that date and so went with a bid that did not conflict. This means that we WILL be hosting Tourney of Love again this year on February 13th and Lord Otto will be our Event Steward.  So start your projects and update your auth cards! Who will be our Champeen O’ Love this year?!

In Service,

Saruca Hatun bint Lazari

Activities cancellations for Wed. August 26, 2015

There are a couple of cancellation announcements to share for Wednesday, August 26, 2015. Lord Seamus has cancelled Thrown Weapons practice in Hermon, Maine and Lord Thomas has cancelled SCA Project Night in Bar Harbor, Maine. These weekly activities in the Barony of Endewearde should be running as usual next week.

FYI: The Canton of Basingestoches (incipient) has its own online calendar.

Please visit the Barony of Endewearde calendar to see all activities happening in the Barony of Endewearde and its two cantons, Basingestoches and Wyndriche.

The Baronial Seat

The Baron and Baroness have indicated their desire to sit for another/final 3 year term.  As our charter indicates the following will happen.  All members of the populace have 30 days to send the Seneschal ( a formal letter of intent to run for the Baronial Seat.

If no one else sends a letter of intent the populace will be polled by closed ballot on September 27th at 3:30 pm at the Bangor Housing Authority.  That polling will inform the Baronial Great Officers of the group’s preference.  The Baronial Great Officers will then be polled at the same meeting and the decision will be announced.

If there are other Baronial Candidates a full formal polling will be conducted using the East King guidelines and in coordination with the EK Polling Deputy.

The deadline for letters of intent is September 22nd. 


Basingestoches Fighter Practice: Thursday, August 20, 2015


The Canton of Basingestoches (incipient) will be hosting a Heavy Fighter practice on Thursday, August 20, 2015 starting at 5:00 pm until people are tired or the sun goes down, whichever comes first! There will be loaner gear available on site so if you have never played before or have an incomplete kit this is your chance for a local practice.

Location for the practice is Apple Blossom Acres, 397 Douglas highway, Lamoine, Maine 04605 If you have any questions or need driving directions to the practice site please contact Lord Thomas de Marr’ at

Busy Barony updates for August 15 & 16, 2015

Endewearde-Jan2014Endewearde is a busy barony over the weekend of August 15 & 16, 2015. Here is a quick review of activities and practices happening on Saturday and Sunday:



Saturday, August 15, 2015 (Bucksport, Maine)

  • Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship will be held at the Bucksport home of Sir Ané du Vey and Mistress Sylvia du Vey, Baron and Baroness of Endewearde. Come participate in the competition or to practice flinging things on the thrown weapons range. Dress is casual – party tunics or other SCA garb are encouraged (but street clothing is ok).
  • Adult Heavy List practice will also be held at the home of our beloved Baron and Baroness in the afternoon. There is no Adult Heavy List practice in Bangor on Sunday, August 16, 2015.

Sunday, August 16, 2015 (Bangor, Maine)

  • Adult Rapier Combat and Youth Combat starts at 4:00 pm . Loaner gear is available. This is a weekly practice that usually runs between 4:00-7:00 pm each Sunday afternoon.
  • Youth Fencing and Adult Heavy List practices are cancelled today.
  • There will be a Scribal Illumination Workshop for both the very new and experienced. Bring what scribal supplies you might have, or just yourself if you are new to drawing and painting, and join in for a late afternoon of instruction and doodling. There is no fee. No garb is required – just wear everyday street clothing. There are plenty of tables and chairs.
  • Speedbump will be visiting us to run a workshop on How To Build Your Own Combat Archery Bolts and Arrows. If you want to learn more about combat archery and the supplies needed in a casual class environment then this is the workshop you’ve been waiting for. No SCA garb is required.

Driving directions to the Bangor Housing Authority gym are available at

Upcoming Endewearde practices, events, and other activities are listed on the Master Calendar webpage. We hope you will join us at one of our upcoming activities.

Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship, Saturday, August 15, 2015

Endewearde-Jan2014The Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship competition will take place on Saturday, August 15, 2015 at the home of Sir Ane du Vey and Mistress Sylvia du Vey, Baron and Baroness of Endewearde. In addition to the thrown weapons practice, adult heavy list practice will also be held at this site.

For more information and the day schedule for thrown weapons please refer to the Baronial Thrown Weapons Practice posting on the Barony of Endewearde website.