Baronial Exchequer updates for June 2016

Exchequer badge: Azure, a pale checky gules and argent between six bezants in pale three and three.

Exchequer badge: Azure, a pale checky gules and argent between six bezants in pale three and three.

The following are updates from Master Godric of Hamtun for the office of Chancellor of the Exchequer for the Barony of Endewearde, June 2016.

  • This is an update from the Endewearde Finance Committee on the purchase of Arrow Screens. The original request had the Barony purchasing one arrow screen and the [North Tower] Archery Company purchasing one and donating it to the Barony. During discussion in the Finance Committee there was an amendment made for the barony to purchase 2 arrow screens, one for the barony, and the other held for Basingstoches, until such time as they get there archery location.

    This will cost the Barony 675.00 dollars which includes shipping. If you would like to comment on this amendment please contact a Finance Committee member.

  • An event budget was presented to the Finance Committee for the Endewearde Hunt (October 7-10, 2016). The amount requested was $1660.00 with $1400 for port a potties, $250 for general supplies and $10 dollars for printing. If you would like to comment on this request please contact a Finance Committee member.

You can find a list of Endewearde Finance Committee members under the “People” menu listed under Baronial Officers. The list of members can be found after the entry for Exchequer.

Baronial Combat Practice: Sunday, June 26, 2016

Heavy List Marshal badge: Sable, two swords in saltire Or.

Heavy List Marshal badge: Sable, two swords in saltire Or.

There are a few updates regarding the adult and youth practices offered at Baronial Combat Practice on Sunday, June 26, 2016 from 4:00-7:00 PM.

  • The Youth Combat practice that was scheduled for June 26th has been moved to July 3rd. There will be a longer training session to prepare youth combatants for Great Northeast War.
  • Youth Fencing practice will be offered with a focus on helping authorized youth fencers brush up on their fencing skills prior to GNE War and Pennsic.
  • Adult Rapier Combat is planning to practice melee scenarios.
  • Adult Heavy List is planning to practice unit tactics in melee.

The parking lot at the Bangor Housing Authority site has been under construction. There seems to be plenty of room to park in the auxiliary lot on the property. You may have to check around the outside of the building to find where your combat group is practicing outside as they may be behind the building on the lawn or back parking lot.

You can follow these driving directions to the baronial combat practice.

Canton of Basingestoches Business Meeting on Sunday, June 26, 2016

Basingestoches-Jan2014The Canton of Basingestoches (incipient) will be holding a business meeting on Sunday, June 26, 2016 starting at Noon. The meeting will be at Pat’s Pizza, 396 High Street, Ellsworth, Maine.

You can review the agenda prior to the meeting. Attire is modern street clothing and all are welcome to attend. The meeting will adjourn to allow time for those who wish to travel to the Baronial Combat Practice in Bangor, Maine (see Endewearde Master Calendar).

Visit the Canton of Basingestoches (incipient) website to learn more about activities offered in the greater Ellsworth & Bar Harbor, Maine area.

Arts & Sciences Summer Updates

Arts & Sciences badge: Azure, a candle enflamed within an arch stooped argent.

Arts & Sciences badge: Azure, a candle enflamed within an arch stooped argent.

Lady Yzabell Du Pearche’s regular weekly baronial meeting of the Arts & Sciences Project Night in Old Town, Maine will be taking time off this summer so Thursday evening Project Night is cancelled for the rest of the summer. Meetings will resume in the fall.

Please continue being crafty on your own! Lady Yzabell looks forward to hearing of your endeavors for the next A+S report in August. Please don’t hesitate to discuss your A+S projects on the Endewearde facebook group. You can contact Lady Yzabell through email at

Baroness Margaret of Rochester will be holding a Sewing Party at her home in Bangor, Maine on Sunday, June 26, 2016. The party starts at 10 AM until it reaches a natural stopping point. There will be a Garb Exchange from 2:00 to 3:30 PM. Please plan to bring garb that you don’t want to wear, doesn’t fit, are just plain bored of and swap it for something new (to you!). You can contact Baroness Margaret by email to ask for driving direction to her home at


Combat Practice Update: Sunday, June 19, 2016

Adult Heavy List Combat will be engaging in melee practices at baronial combat practice on Sunday, June 19, 2016. Practice runs from 4:00-7:00 pm at the Bangor Housing Authority building on Davis Road in Bangor, Maine.

Adult Rapier Combat practice is cancelled on this date. Fencers should plan to attend practice next Sunday, July 26th to start preparing for rapier melees at Great Northeastern War.

Youth Combat practice is scheduled for June 19th and June 26th.

Those youths who are interested in Youth Rapier Combat should contact Bryn so a regular schedule can be set up.

All practices are held at the Bangor Housing Authority, 161 Davis Road, Bangor, Maine.

Newcomer Welcome & SCA Project Night in Bar Harbor, Maine

Basingestoches-Jan2014Please join Lord Thomas de Marr & Lady Leijsbet van Catwiic’s on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-9:00 pm at their home in Bar Harbor as they host a weekly Newcomer Welcome & SCA Project Night this summer. Come and learn about medieval heraldry, how to make medieval garments, get inspiration for a new project, or just hang out for awhile.

No special clothing is needed – just everyday street clothes are fine.

Please contact Lord Thomas for more information and driving directions to his home at

You can learn more about these gatherings by contacting Thomas de Marr or by following discussions on the Incipient Canton of Basingestoches facebook group and by checking on upcoming activities announced on the Canton of Basingestoches (incipient) website.

Summer Activities in the Canton of Wyndriche

The lovely Canton of Wyndriche (incipient) is pleased to announce two summer activities during the week.

Arts & Sciences badge: Azure, a candle enflamed within an arch stooped argent.

There will be an Arts & Sciences Project Night held every Tuesday evening starting at 6:30 pm until early July at the home of Syr Cedric of Thanet in China, Maine. Please contact for driving directions. Bring along your creative works in progress or swing by to hang out and get some inspiration for new undertakings. Attire is everyday casual wear – wearing garb isn’t necessary.


Heavy List Marshal badge: Sable, two swords in saltire Or.

There will also be an outdoor Fighter Practice held every Thursday evening this summer from 6:00-8:00 pm at Heritage Park waterfront in Belfast, Maine. Practices are subject to cancellation when it rains. Plan to bring items for your own comfort which may include water, bug spray, and other things you may need when engaging in athletic endeavors.


You can find updates to these scheduled activities on the Barony of Endewearde Master Calendar. You can check the Canton of Wyndriche website, on the Endewearde blog, or on Endewearde facebook and Wyndriche facebook groups for updates on possible last minute cancellations.