Baronial Muster at Fort Knox – June 15-17, 2018

The Baron and Baroness of Endewearde have given the call to arms!
The people of the region will visit and bear witness to our preparations – this is an event which will be a demonstration of our SCA experiences to the public visiting Fort Knox.
Endwearde’s fighters sharpen your swords! Archers string your bows and artisans bring your crafts! We must demonstrate to the Populace we are ready and able to defend the North!
A medieval village encampment will be hosted over the weekend to ready ourselves and hearten the populace.
In the evening after visiting hours there will be more training, a potluck dinner Saturday and the Baronial youth Champioship on Sunday wrapping up with court Sunday afternoon.
No period tents? No problem there are indoor options, just ask the Autocrat.
Day trippers are welcome and encouraged to join us in our mini war camp, teaching classes, displaying wares and vendors for a merchant quarter.
This Demo is not the normal event so come ready to learn, fight, craft, vend and find new recruits to join our august forces.
June 15 – Friday 5pm site opens for set up
June 16 – Saturday 9am – 5pm open to public; 5-8pm Scadian activities
June 17 – Sunday 9am – 3pm public demo plus court;  3-5pm load out

Jehan’s Fighting and Fencing at the Fort


Fort Knox Maine tower with Endewearde coat of arms bannerFighting, fencing, and a tavern with a warm fire and good company!

April 28, 2018 at Historic Fort Knox, Maine
gate opens at 9am and closes at 5pm (anticipated)

 Come join the brave fighters and fencers of the Barony of Endewearde, and friends from beyond our borders, within the granite Fort Knox.

Jehan’s Fighting and Fencing at the Fort will feature adult rapier and armored combat tournaments, with some melees (think stair pit); as well as the Baronial Rapier Championship.


Activities will be fluid throughout the day, this list indicates when “things(tm)” will begin and that you should be in communication with the Marshal in Charge for that activity.

9:00 am Gate Opens
Combat Authorizations and Inspections and Baronial A+S Championship Setup begin

10:00 Baronial A+S Championship Opens – for additional information, visit the page dedicated to  this championship and A&S populace choice display.
Rapier, Cut and Thrust and Melees begin

10:30 Youth Combat

11:00 Baronial Fencing Tournament

12:00 Rattan Melees and Combat

2:00 pm Baronial Fencing Championship

3:00 Baronial A+S Championship Closes

3:30 Baronial Court Opens

4:30 Baronial Court Ends Site Cleanup

5:00 Site Closes We have a HARD close time of 5pm, please bear this in mind when planning your day.

For those not martially inclined, there will be warming fire tended by Lord Ragnar as well as competitions in Arts and Sciences and a Baronial Court.

We encourage you to bring your own food, as there will be no day board. 

Additional Information

If you have a banner, flag or shield that you would like to display on the fences that surround the Fort green PLEASE do it!! Having such things really do help the ambience.

Thanks to Lord Eoin an Doire we will have Gold Key clothing at Gate! For those of you with newcomers please feel free to take what you need, although I would suggest that you bring your own belts!

Frouva Hrefna of Wyndriche will be running a paper form gate rather than the electronic system we have been using. For the best Trolling experience please have your Blue membership card ready, and to steal a phrase; correct change is always awesome!

For fencing and all kinds of such fun, Lord Radbod will be your MIC and general shenanigan creator. For Rattan your MIC will be Lord Gryffyd Abernathy and our own Baron Ane du Vey. For Youth Combat Activities Lord Thomas de Marr will be Head Velociraptor hearder.

Meisterin Agatha Wanderer will be your contact point for the Baronial A+S Championships, with Lady Olalla Tristana will be looking after those who are entering the Populace Choice display. Visit the page dedicated to this championship and A&S populace choice display for more information.

As we are a bloodthirsty bunch, we are also honoured to have the Guild of Chirurgeons present! Lady Admiranda Howard and Lord Radbod will be present to apply Band Aids!

During the day we will have an open fire in the Tavern, Lord Ragnar and his Lady have volunteered to manage the area. If you wish, we are accepting donations of LOCAL sourced firewood, one or two chunks would make the supply for the day stretch longer.

We have no dayboard, so please plan accordingly. Water will be available in the rest room for drinking and we will have orange coolers inside the Fort.

Parking will be in the site parking lot.

A quick glance at the weather forecast shows mid fifties and a chance of rain showers. As the Fort tends to be cool the autocrat would recommend layers and an extra blanket!

Entry Fees

$7 for Adults (18+)
Youths 17 and under enter free!!

All adults showing proof of current SCA Membership will receive a $5 discount on their site fee

No reservations required or accepted.


Event Steward: Lord Calvius Nero
Deputy : Lord Edmund Beneyt

Event Location 

Fort Knox Historic State Park
US Route 174
Prospect, ME 04416


From Belfast: Proceed north on US Rte 1, through Searsport and Stockton Springs, immediately before crossing the new Penobscot Narrows Bridge, take a left onto Rte. 174. Fort Knox will be approximately 1/4 mile up on your right.

From Bar Harbor: Follow US Rte. 1 south across the new Penobscot Narrows Bridge, immediately adjacent to the town of Bucksport. Once over the bridge take a right onto Rte. 174. Fort Knox will be approximately 1/4 mile up on your right.

From Bangor: On Rte. 1A South….follow Rte 1A South through the towns of Hampden, Winterport, Frankfort and Prospect. In Prospect Center, take a left onto Rte. 174. Follow Rte 174 approximately 4 miles. Fort Knox will be on your left. On Rte 15 South….follow Rte 15 South through the city of Brewer and the towns of Orrington and Bucksport. In Bucksport, take a right onto US Rte.1 South and proceed over the new Penobscot Narrows Bridge. Immediately upon exiting the bridge take a right onto Rte. 174. Fort Knox will be approximately 1/4 mile up on your right.

POSTPONED:: Endewearde Baronial A & S Championship and Revel – March 17, 2018

Due to unforeseen circumstances this event has been postponed. We will update you when we have more information about its rescheduling.


Endewearde Baronial A & S Championship and Revel

The Barony of Endewearde must find a new Arts and Sciences Champion!

This year the Baronial A&S Championship event will take place at the Edward K. Arey Community Center in Bucksport on March 17th with a potluck Feast of Saint Patrick.

Site opens at 11 am with the potluck beginning at 12 noon. All entries being presented, admired, and judged are asked to set up before 11:45 for judging beginning at 12:45. Court is expected to begin at 3:00, where the next champion will be announced.

All artisans are encouraged to enter their works. There will be a Friends of Endewearde Category for those outside our borders who wish to compete, as well as a Children’s Category for those youth not wishing to compete for the champion.

In addition to the Arts & Sciences Championship, there will be a Special Challenge for the populace!

To Their Excellencies favor: Our most wise and powerful Baron and Baroness will choose one among you who catches Their eyes with a gift.

Mistress Agatha and Our Champion, Fru Hrefna Hrodbjortsdottir, challenge you to wear your best, most fun and creative green, white, or orange garb in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day and Ireland.

*** Notice: All entrants must complete the entry form no later than one week (March 10th) before the competition indicating their willingness to compete.  ***

Entrants must register to compete. The form which should be filled out is here:

Entrants will be judged using the East Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship rubric. A PDF of the Rubric is available here:

Entrants may enter a single substantial item or a body of work consisting of 3 – 5 related items that are connected to one another in a significant and meaningful way. A body of work will be judged as a single item. Items can be from a single discipline or from multiple disciplines. In either case, entries should be something the entrant has completed within the last two years. Please note that documentation of work is encouraged, and performance entries are welcomed as items.

Those bringing potluck are asked to include a list of ingredients to place beside your offering.

Site fees are $10 per adult, $3 per child (6 – 17).
Children 5 and under are free.
A $5 member discount does apply to adult fees.

Schedule for East Kingdom Twelfth Night


 SanctuaryFeast HallVestryClassrooms
10:00Morning CourtA&S Display & Gift Baskets
10:30A&S Display & Gift BasketsClassroom 2:
Athena's Thimble
Photo Booth
A&S Display & Gift Baskets
A&S Consultation Table
DayboardClassroom 2:
Athena's Thimble
Photo Booth
A&S Display & Gift Baskets
A&S Consultation Table
Classroom 2:
Athena's Thimble
Photo Booth
A&S Display & Gift Baskets
A&S Consultation Table
Photo Booth
A&S Display & Gift Baskets
A&S Consultation Table
Photo Booth
A&S Display & Gift Baskets
Drop-in Performances
Classroom 1:
Class - Heralding Court
Photo Booth
A&S Display & Gift Baskets
Classroom 1:
Class - Heralding Court
Photo Booth
A&S Display & Gift Baskets
Classroom 2:
Runnymede Tea
2:30A&S Display & Gift Baskets | PerformancesClassroom 2:
Runnymede Tea
3:00Classroom 2:
Runnymede Tea
3:30 - 5:00Afternoon Court Begins
5:30Feast BeginsYouth Pizza Party Begins
8:00Feast EndsPizza Party Ends


This is a partial list of possible activities that will be held. Details will be confirmed and a day schedule will be published closer to the event.

  • There will be a Royal Court of Their Royal Majesties Ivan Ivanov yvnuk Tzardikov and Matilde de Cadenet.
  • Their Excellencies Baron Ane du Vey and Baroness Sylvia du Vey will not be holding baronial court at this event. They will instead be holding baronial court at the Feast of Saint Sylvester (January 13, 2018) and the Tourney of Love (February 10, 2018).
  • There will be a class on court heraldry taught by Master Malcolm Bowman.
  • Athena’s Thimble is in the planning stage to hold an embroidery panel.
  • There will be a Kingdom Arts & Sciences Consultation Table where you can have your Arts & Sciences documentation reviewed or ask questions about how to document your item. You can learn more about this process by reading the East Kingdom Gazette article A&S Consultation Table Deputy.
  • There may be dancing.
  • There will be an evening feast. If you plan to attend feast you must pre-register. There are still several seats left as of mid November 2017.

In addition Mistress Agatha Wanderer would like to issue a challenge for 12th Night Unto All Artisans of the East: Make one or more items for the Royal Gift Chest to be displayed and gifted to Their Majesties. You may choose to make a dozen of the same item, or a few different items.

Garb Get Together: Sunday, December 3, 2017 beginning at 10:00 AM

Arts & Sciences badge: Azure, a candle enflamed within an arch stooped argent.

There will be a garb get together at the home of Lady Admiranda Howard on Sunday, December 3, 2017. The workshop will start at 10 AM and will be held in Orono, Maine.

Come work on your new SCA garb or swing by and get help & inspiration for a new project.


If you read the Garb Get Together event page on facebook you can ask questions and learn more about the workshop prior to December 3rd.


Endewearde Hunt Updated Information

Illuminated manuscript hunting scene at the bottom of two columns of calligraphy text. Standing upon swirling vines with leaves and flower buds are two woman. The woman on the left in a red gown takes aim with her bow to shoot hares. In the center there is a hare coming out of its burrow beneath small trees. To the right there is a woman in a gray dress wearing a white veil chasing the rabbits with a long stick to scare them out from their burrows.

Royal 10 E IV f. 41 Women hunting rabbits

As the time for the Endewearde Hunt draws near many updates have been posted to the public facebook event page The Endewearde Hunt 2017.

Of note are the following:

  • This is a primitive site. Please remember to bring your own drinking water and whatever additional water you need for washing & bathing. There is no running water on site.
  • Bring your own trash bags. There is no public trash receptacles so plan to pack out your trash.
  • The Arts & Sciences class schedule is available.
  • The Foresters schedule has been posted.
  • There is a friday night fundraiser. Bring small bills in exchange for delicious foods.
  • Please provide most of your meals all weekend.
  • There is a potluck supper on Saturday night.
  • The overall weekend schedule has been updated.
  • There is a Cut & Thrust tournament on Saturday afternoon.
  • If you are planning to bring a Youth Minor (anyone under the age of 18) to a Society for Creative Anachronism event for whom you are not their parent or legal guardian, then you must obtain the proper forms and signatures. This policy applies to relatives of the guest minor as well (for example: siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins).
  • There are two versions of a map of the Hunt event site. The first is a pencil illustration of the site with Hunt landmarks. The second is a file with data points added so it can be downloaded and viewed on Google Earth.
  • The weather is going to be wonderful for outdoor camping in October.

Class List Now Available for the Barony of Endewearde Arts University: Saturday, May 13, 2017

Image of teacher sitting at a desk with several pupils listening attentively.

Royal 6 E VI f. 138v Ars sive artes (Art or Arts)

The Canton of Basingestoches will be hosting the Barony of Endewearde’s Arts University. The list of classes is now available to view online or download as a pdf (use the download icon in the upper right side of your screen). 

You can follow additional information Class Instructors are posting about their classes on the public facebook event page Barony of Endewearde Arts University.

As a reminder, dayboard will not be provided at this event, so plan to pack along your own lunch or visit one of the local area restaurants.

Endewearde Baronial Armored Combat Championship: Saturday, September 16, 2017

Image of Sir Ane du Vey and Lord Albrecht Østergaard engaged in combat at Great Northeastern War, July 2017. Photo by Brendan Crane.

Baron Ane du Vey and Lord Albrecht Østergaard engage in combat at Great Northeastern War, July 2017. Photo by Brendan Crane (c) 2017.

Once again, the Barony of Endewearde will be hosting a rousing and raucous festival of armored combat and merriment. At the end of the day, the Endewearde armored combatant who stands victorious will be named Endewearde’s newest Champion of Armored Combat. Endewearde’s current armored champion, The Honorable Lord Gruffydd Abernathy, will oversee the challenges of the day and provide fun for the combatants as well as those in the galleries.

The event will be held at the same site as the Endewearde Hunt, for those familiar with that event. It’s a rustic, wooded site with plenty of room to roam and enjoy some peace and quiet between the bouts or during the lunch break. There’ll be a large cook fire maintained by Endewearde’s Court of Royal Foresters for anyone who wishes to prepare a hot lunch during the midday break. Above ground fire pits and grills are welcome, as well. Note that there is no running water on site so bring your own and please be prepared to pack out all your own trash as there will be no dumpsters.

COMBATANTS: During the tournament, a tourney tree will be used. Armored combatants will need to have a wooden shield plaque on which a representation of your arms must be painted. Blank shields will be provided ahead of time as needed.

The Honorable Lord Gruffydd Abernethy has the following announcement:

Fighters: If you plan to compete I will need you to get in contact with me by Sunday the 10th [September] although the sooner the better as I hear we have some folks who want to make things to cheer on their favorite fighters with. I will need to know who you have as your herald and your arms/ colors wouldn’t hurt. All are welcome to compete and there will be a prize for the best fighter, though the champion will be chosen from the pool of fighters from Endewearde.

Update: September 14, 2017

Animated red bannerThe following fighters are known to be participating in the Baronial Championship tournament:

  • Lord Albrecht Østergaard 
    colors: red, white
  • Lord Cormac Longstrider 
    colors: blue, white
  • Drottin (Lord) Hrafn Isauga
    colors: white, blue, black
  • Misha of Endewearde 
    colors: unknown
  • Nuttus Assingdone
    colors: gold, green purple
  • Lord Njall Randvesson
    colors: green white black
  • Shu of Endewearde
    colors: unknown
  • Lord Thomas de Marr
    colors: gold, green, black

MERCHANTS: Merchants and vendors are encouraged to attend! In keeping with the festival atmosphere, there will be no merchants’ row or merchant booths. Instead, merchants and vendors will be expected to hawk their wares through the crowds gathered around the arena. Please contact the event steward with any questions.

ADULT BEVERAGES: Though there is no running water on site, the site is WET.

FOOD: No dayboard will be provided. Please plan to bring your own lunch. The Endewearde foresters will be tending a fire for cooking along with iron cookware and grates, for folks to use. You can bring a grill or above ground fire pit of your own if you wish. You can eat all day long if you wish. Rumor has it that Mistress Agatha will be vending delicious meat pies.

PETS: Pets are welcome on site but they must remain leashed. Owners are required to clean up after their pets. We reserve the right to ask someone to leave should their pet becomes a nuisance or a danger.

TRASH: This is a “pack it in, pack it out” site. There will be no public trash receptacles.

BATHROOM FACILITIES: There is no running water on site. Two porta-potties will be available.

HANDICAP ACCESSIBILITY: The site is accessible by car. Those who use a walker or wheelchair should be able to get to the main area where heavy list combat will be held. Please note that the porta-potties are regular size, not the wider handicap accessible stalls.


DAY SCHEDULE Update: September 14, 2017

Animated red bannerSite opens 9:00 AM and closes at 4:00 PM


9:00 AM             Site opens
9:00-10:00 AM   Authorizations
10:00-11:00 AM Champion Takes On All
11:00-11:30 AM  Melee
11:30-12:30 PM  Round Robin
12:30-1:00 PM    Lunch Break
1:00-3:00 PM      Round Robin Continues
3:00 PM              Finals and Baronial Court
4:00 PM             Site Closes

SITE FEE: $10 for 14 years old and older, $5 member discount


Private Residence
2910 Western Ave.
Newburgh, ME 04444-4758

Google Map

Take your best route to Exit 174 (Rt. 69) off I-95 in Maine. Head toward Newburgh (turning right if coming from the South, turning left if coming from the North). Travel about 1 1/4 miles to the flashing light of the intersection with Rt 202/9. Here turn right to go west. The site is about 4 miles down the road on your right.

The site is a private residence. You will drive through the back yard. Have faith! You are on the right path.


If you are planning to bring a Youth Minor (anyone under the age of 18) to a Society for Creative Anachronism event for whom you are not their parent or legal guardian, then you must obtain the proper forms and signatures. This policy applies to relatives of the guest minor as well (siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins).

You can read Endewearde’s FAQ for Guest Minors so you can plan to obtain the necessary forms, signatures and notary public services before the youth guest minor accompanies you to an event.


We will, we will rock you!”

Onlookers are encouraged to carry pennants and banners and streamers in the colors of their favorite fighters. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with having multiple favorites.


You can ask questions and follow the discussion on facebook under the public event page Endewearde Baronial Armored Combat Championship.


Read the SCA Harrassment and Bullying Policy.

  • Participants engaging in this behavior are subject to appropriate sanctions.
  • If you are subjected to harassment, bullying or retaliation, or if you become aware of anyone being harassed or bullied, contact a seneschal, President of the SCA, or your Kingdom’s Board Ombudsman.

WEBMINISTER’S NOTE: This event promises to be very spectator friendly. Please contact The Honorable Lord Gwillim Kynith with any questions about the event. The Honorable Lord Gruffydd Abernethy is the current Baronial Heavy List Champion who will be coordinating the format of this tournament.

Photo credit: Photo by Brendan Crane (c) 2017.

Updated: 09/14/2017

Tourney of Love SCA event to be held Saturday, February 18, 2017 in the Barony of Endewearde

Image of cupid holding the shield of Mars

Fencers, Fighters, and Artisans! Come demonstrate your prowess and talents at the Tourney of Love. Three competitions to test your skills. A winner for each, though only entrants for all three may vie for the coveted pink baldric as the “Champeen O’ Love”.

Who will challenge Syr Cedric of Thanet this year for the admiration of the Ladies of the Gallery?

Fencing, Rattan, Arts and Sciences competitions are the hallmarks of this tournament. Participants of the tourney may enter to win one or more categories. However, the Pink Baldric will be awarded to the gentle who excels in all three and displays that which the Ladies of the Gallery feel exemplifies a true Champion of Love. The whim of the Ladies of the Gallery may very well weigh heavily on the outcome of the tournament; after all, this is the Tourney of Love.

Regarding the A&S competition, any period projects created in the past two years are welcomed. Display or perform your best works! Documentation is encouraged but not required. Tell the viewer about the historical basis for your project and what materials and techniques were used in period to create the original item your piece is based on. Then explain your process and the decisions you made in regards to construction, materials (if they differ from period materials, tell what you used and why), and techniques used. You can also talk about what you might do differently next time.

Site Opens: 10 am
Site Closes: 10 pm

Learn more about the Tourney of Love admission fees and other event details. 

Tourney of Love: Saturday, February 18, 2017

Duke and ladies in a garden (Miniature)

Duke and ladies in a garden (Miniature)

The Barony of Endewearde will be holding the Tourney of Love on Saturday, February 18, 2017. Please refer to the event link for general event updates.

Reservations for the evening feast should be received by the Reservations Clerk, Master Godric of Hamtun, by Sunday, February 12, 2017. When you are sending your reservation for evening feast you must also include payment for the site fee. Please use this link to the Reservation Form for Tourney of Love 2017 (pdf).