Metal Casting Techniques Workshop: Saturday, November 25, 2017

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Time: Noon – 3:30 PM
Location: private home, Dedham, Maine
Host: Lord William of Wyndhaven
Instructor: Lord John Fowler

Lord John Fowler will be visiting Lord William of Wyndhaven to offer a a class and workshop on sand casting. Sand casting is good for one-off or small-run casting in silver, bronze, copper, and brass. He has used it for medallions, buckles, sword pommels & brooches.

There will be a talk & show & tell for maybe the first hour or so. The rest of the time will be devoted to playing with the equipment and materials I am bringing up. I think I have enough gear to have maybe three people working at once, so we’ll have to take turns or work in groups. But if all goes well we should be able to do maybe three batches of three small-ish bronze castings (a buckle, medallion, brooch, etc.).

If you already have a model that might work for sandcasting, bring it, and we’ll try to cast it, or tell you why we can’t! The instructor will bring some models, too. For the sake of time and to make sure there are enough materials on hand, let’s try to keep the student pieces on the smaller side (something with the volume of maybe five US quarters or less would seem reasonable – that would come out to an ounce of metal.

Flat-backed is easiest, and there cannot be any undercuts. The model will basically be pressed into moist sand, and will then need to be removed without disturbing the sand. A pewter site token or award medallion from a soapstone casting would be great. Hardened (baked) polymer clay (Sculpey, Fimo, etc.) would be a good modeling material if you want to make something.

We can do silver, but you’ll have to bring your own silver 🙂

The instructor will be handling the molten metal, but you should still bring at least safety glasses, long pants, and closed-toed shoes. If you want to stand closer, a face shield, hat, gloves, and long sleeves or welding jacket should be added to that list. You could also bring files and/or a rotary tool with cutting and grinding attachments, for cleaning up your castings (BYO safety gear for those things!).

Plain ol’ work clothes. SCA garb not necessary. Bring a chair, if you like.

Molten bronze is quite dangerous so we will have to ask that younger kids not be in the garage for at least some parts of this.

This will all be a bit freeform.


You can follow the facebook event link Metal Casting Workshop at William’s to see what questions others are asking about this workshop and to contact the instructor.


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