Site Preparation – Endewearde Hunt (Newburgh, Maine): Saturday, September 2, 2017

Manuscript image of person directing workers.

Venue: 2910 Western Ave, Newburgh, ME

We know that Labor Day weekend often makes it difficult to balance family and hobby weekend plans. With the Endewearde fall events coming up, however, this was the most reasonable day to get stuff done on at the event site before the Endewearde Baronial Armored Combat Championship and Endewearde Hunt events in September and October.

We will meet on site at 9:30 AM. Please bring your work gloves and any tools you may have. There is much work to be done! A couple of trees have fallen and another tree is in poor shape and should be pulled down. If you have an open trailer we can haul brush with, please consider bringing it.

Please bring your lunch. We can start up the fire pit if needed.

Also remember there will be no bathrooms on site, so bring a roll of toilet paper!

Remember many hands make light work, the more the merrier!

You can follow the Hunt Site Cleanup facebook group and learn more details

Updated: 7/23/2017

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