Attending an Event with Children

We are pleased to see families coming together through a shared love of the Middle Ages! Many of the earliest participants in the Society are now the parents of participants who themselves are bringing their children to the organization. We encourage parents and guardians to find ways to enjoy the Society together such as learning crafts that are fun for both kids and adults, sharing songs and stories together around the campfire, and serving together at events.

We place the safety of all our participants as our highest priority, not just the warriors in armor. Every kingdom has guidelines in place for monitoring children’s activities by age, including ensuring that children too young to be unsupervised stay in reach of their parent or guardian. For activities such as classes and workshops that go on simultaneously with activities for the adults, we require two supervising, unrelated adults to be present at all times, and we have a background check system in place for all officers who supervise children.

Cost for Children

Young people are often allowed to attend events at a discount, or free. Please attend to the event announcement for more details as every event is different and has a different fee structure. Sometimes there are multiple fees based on age.

Feasts may or may not have a youth rate. Check the event announcement or ask the event steward or autocrat of the event for more information.

Occasionally events have a family cap which is, essentially, a price cutoff to help keep events affordable for families.  When present, it is typically two adults and two related children and any other children are included in that price. Inquire with the event steward or autocrat for more information on an event-by-event basis. Feasts are typically not included in family caps.

Required Paperwork

When you attend with your own child, you will be expected to sign a youth waver when you arrive at the event site and sign in at the gate.

If you wish to bring children who are not legally your own, please refer to this page on Bringing Guest Minors.