Business Meeting, January 15, 2021

Barony of Endewearde

Minutes of Meeting

15 Jan 21

held as a Facebook Event

hosted by Finán mac Bressail, Seneschal Endewearde

  • Present
    • Otto & Agatha, Baron & Baroness Endewearde
    • Officers:  Finán, Seneschal; Gwillim, Deputy Seneschal; Admiranda, Exchequer; Isabella, Deputy Exchequer; Brita, Herald; Eoin, Chatelain; Njall, Archery; Thomas, Youth Combat & Chancellor Minor; Radbod, Rapier; Seamus, Thrown Weapons; Halldís, A&S; Hrafn, Chamberlain
    • In all, 22(±) nobles present
  • Officer Reports
    • Baron/Baroness
      • We miss you! Vaccines are coming… see you soon!
    • Herald
      • Video Ethereal Court chez Vey wherein Syr Cedric of Thanet and Master Otto Gottlieb were elevated to the Order of the Pelican
      • Reports have been submitted as appropriate.
    • Exchequer
      • Quarterly report has been posted on Baronial Meeting event site & on the Exchequer’s page on the Endewearde website
      • Principal expenditure = trailer
      • It is better to plan/bid/budget for an event and cancel it then to try to scrabble one together last minute
    • Minister of Arts & Science
      • 100 Day Challenge continues
        • There’s a FB group called “Endewearde 100 Day Challenge”
        • People can still join at any time
    • Chamberlain
      • New trailer will ultimately be stored in the Morettos’ yard
    • Chatelaine
      • (Thomas de Marr)  There has been some interest downeast pursuant to the garbed hiking videos posted over the summer.  We should make more.
    • Web Minister (report posted on Baronial Meeting event site)
      • We have one [website]. If you are an officer, please update your relevant sections of the site.
      • If anyone needs access and does not have it, let [Aneleda] know.
      • If you would like anything changed, please let [Aneleda] know.
    • Thrown Weapons
      • Seamus has stepped down.  He has had one nibble at a replacement. 
    • Seneschal
      • The EK Seneschal handbook is being updated.
  • Election:  Seneschal
    • In lieu of a secret ballot as mandated by the Charter, because
      • in-person meetings are suspended; and
      • the candidate was running uncontested; and
      • there were sufficient paid members present to represent a quorum;

… it was agreed that an on-line vote would be appropriate.  Gwillim and Melisaunde withdrew from the meeting.  The vote was held.  Gwillim and Melisaunde were invited back to the meeting and informed that Gwillim had been voted in as the new Seneschal, pending approval by the EK Seneschal.

  • Gwillim will be contacting various officers over the next few weeks.  Until the EK email address is set up, he can be contacted via FB.
  • Lady Verthandi, Chatelaine of Hadchester
    • Reported that the virtual demo “Rockland Public Library on August, 27, 2020: Dinner, Crafting, and Games, 10th Century Style” was highly successful and generated at least ten inquiries.
    • Would like to explore working with Endewearde and perhaps other Maine groups on another demo video.
      • one hour of video; maybe 20 minutes per group
      • would allow demonstration of activities not possible at in-person demos

The idea was met with strong favor and some brainstorming.  It was decided that Verthandi would reach out to individuals throughout the state to work out the details.

  • Yasha the Poisoner, newcomer to the region (not to the Society), introduced herself and was welcomed.
  • A motion was made to adjourn; seconded.