Baronial Muster at the Fort UPDATE


Hello folks!  Here are some last minute reminders about the event this weekend.  Please read them all—there is a correction from a previous post.

Site Fee and Waivers

Everyone needs to sign the waiver to participate!  This is a demo and there is no site fee, but because we will not be checking blue cards the waiver must be signed.  The waivers can be found at the table by the entrance on Saturday and Sunday.  On Friday and Saturday evenings, I will bring the waivers to you during/after setup.  Please make sure to fill out child waivers if you are bringing a minor! These forms will be available at the table as well, but if you are bringing a child that is not your own, you need the paperwork filled out by their parent/guardian.

Setup, Parking, and Entry

The road up to the Fort will be one way.  Please bring your vehicle up to the Fort, unload ALL your stuff, then park before setting up.  We need to keep traffic moving as efficiently as possible to get everyone loaded in. You can always bring your vehicle back to re-load boxes when you are done setting up.  Modern campers must also follow these traffic rules—although if you don’t mind carrying your gear, you could park in the lot and walk your stuff to your area.

When you drive in to set up, please say the password to the attendant at the gate:  Tower of Endewearde.  They will let you in without paying the park fee.  When you are finished unloading, or if you are coming just for the day, please park across the street at the garage or along the road to the garage if you are able.  Every parking space we take up at the Fort is one fewer vehicle that will be able to visit that day.  This benefits both us and them.

Trailers should park in the DOT lot by the bridge.  This is a change from my last update (because I forgot).  Head left out of the Fort parking lot toward the Bridge, then turn left just before the bridge.  There is a house, and then a large dirt parking lot with a couple DOT vehicles in it. We have permission to use this lot for our trailers, which will free up a few more parking spots at the Fort.

While the park grounds are only open until 8:00pm, we are neither locked out nor unable to leave. If you arrive late (or very early!) and find the gate barred, please call the Autocrat, Admiranda Howard, or another person you know is on site.

Trash, Food, and General Courtesy

We are guests at Fort Knox. Please remember to either use the provided trash barrels or pack out your own trash.  Please plan to pack out your returnables, and remember that this is a dry site.  Also, while we have asked that you use real dishes throughout the weekend, please do not wash those dishes in the bathroom sinks!  We don’t need to clog up their drains with food waste.

Please help your fellow campers!  With such narrow windows for setup and teardown, we can all use as much help as we can get!  Please help your neighbor have the best weekend possible!


At this point, many people have asked what they can do to help.  If you are still looking for a Thing to Do, we need volunteers to greet guests at the door and to keep an eye on the Arts and Sciences Display.

As always, if you have any questions, please ask!  This is going to be a great weekend!