Baronial Academy of Performance

June 18, 2018 @ 5:30 pm – 2:57 am
Old Town Public Library
46 Middle St
Old Town, ME 04468

Endeweardeans who like to sing, Endeweardeans who like to tell stories, Endeweardeans who do public speaking, Endeweardeans who maybe wish they had more confidence when they do, Endeweardeans who wish they had more chance to practice pieces in front of others… I speak now to all of you.

I invite you to meet me at the Old Town Public Library on Monday, June 18th, at 5:30 PM for the first meeting for a group that tentatively called the Baronial Academy of Performance.

Let’s get together for an hour and talk about ideas for practicing and sharing our performance works. Endewearde has some outstanding talent! Let’s discuss how to organize it in a way that showcases it to the Kingdom and Known World.

Monday, June 18th, Old Town Public Library, 5:30-6:30 PM.