Summer Archery Schedule


Get your bows! Prepare your arms! Get ready to impress with your Royal Round Scores!

Here are the remaining dates for the season’s archery practices.

Sessions are held at Lord Godric of Hamptun’s range in Glenburn.

Sunday 6/24 12:00-2:00
Tuesday 7/10 5:30-dark
Tuesday 7/17 5:30-dark
Tuesday 7/24 5:30-dark
Tuesday 7/31 5:30-dark
Tuesday 8/7 5:30-dark
Tuesday 8/14 5:30-dark
Sunday 8/19 12:00-2:00
Tuesday 8/21 5:30-dark
Tuesday 8/28 5:30-dark
Tuesday 9/4 5:30-dark
Tuesday 9/11 5:30-dark
Tuesday 9/18 5:30-dark
Sunday 9/23 12:00-2:00
Tuesday 9/25 5:30-dark
Tuesday 10/2 5:30-dark

Hail Archers

Hail Archers of Endewearde!

There will be an unscheduled archery practice at our normal range on Sunday, 6/10/18, from 12 to 2 PM.

Master Godric  and our Archery Company Captain, Lady Admiranda will not be there but have authorized me to run the practice. Unlike this past Tuesday, we’re expecting fantastic weather. Let’s make the best of it and ready ourselves for this summer’s battles! Huzzah!

~First Archer of Endewearde, Lord Otto

Endewearde Hunt

The schedules should be removed, and Audrye’s contact information should be added as deputy autocrat: Audrye Beneyt mka Danielle Hunt, (207) 631-9706 email:

The forests of Endewearde are vast and with Autumn upon us, gentles gather together in the hollow to seek out friendship, knowledge, skill and fame. The Endewearde Hunt boasts all of these things and more. The maples and oaks watch over as a new Baronial Archery Champion is sought through displays of prowess. Under the pines, people gather to learn a variety of arts and sciences from others. Their Excellencies watch over the populace with love and admiration. Joyous days are had by all.

Endewearde’s premier camping event takes place in Newburgh, Maine and will be filled with archery and thrown weapons competitions, the famous Woods Walk, a potables round table and competition, a vast A&S track, and more! There is some rumor of a bit of fencing, as well!

This year will also feature the Third Annual Malaweardian Naval Battle. Prepare your small siege weapons to attack the floating boats on the pond. More details will be released closer to the event itself.

A sausage fundraiser will take place on Friday evening for a nominal fee.

There will be no Saturday dayboard planned. Instead, Saturday evening will play host to a potluck of vast proportions. If you wish to participate, please bring a dish to share and remember your feast gear. All kinds of dishes welcome!

The site offers primitive camping and above ground fire pits are welcome! Dogs are also permitted, but must remain on a lead at all times. The location has no running water, so please plan accordingly. Port-o-Castles will be located throughout the site for your convenience.

If you are interested in teaching a class for the Arts & Sciences track, a fillable form will be available closer to the event.

Merchants are welcome, as always, but must contact the autocrat. Priority space will be given in order to those who contact the autocrat.

Trash: There are no trash receptacles on site. Please plan to pack out your own trash.

Drinking Water: This is a primitive site. There is no potable water available. There is no running water available for washing or bathing. Please plan to bring whatever water you need for the duration of your stay.

Handicap Accessibility: You should be able to drive a car down into the camping areas to unload and unpack. There are some minor hills but most of the main areas are accessible if a person can traverse a minor slope with a lawn surface.

There will be 9 red fire buckets in visible locations throughout the site. They will be filled with pond water to be used for extinguishing your campfires. Please feel free to use the bucket and return it to where you found it. The Foresters will take on the responsibility of refilling them throughout the weekend.

Reminder: These buckets are filled with pond water, not potable water. Please don’t drink it.

In addition to fire buckets Foresters are providing the following at the Hunt:

● A metal wheelbarrow, shovel and rake for handling & moving ashes, coals and charred wood. Please dispose of your fireplace residue only in the fire pit on Bards’ Hill. Do not dump it on the ground.
● Several plastic tarps
● Extra tent pegs & stakes
● Twine & rope
● Assorted wooden poles

These will be placed near the troll / info point. Please feel free to borrow what you need and return it at the end of the event.


There is the opportunity to teach classes at the Endewearde Hunt. Teachers please use the Teacher Sign Up Form* before September 30th. Contact Lady Olalla Tristana with any questions.

Calling all archery marshals and MiTs! Please sign up for archery shifts for the Hunt! Lady Admiranda Howard would like to see as many shifts covered before the event as possible, so that she can fill in holes where needed. This way, no one spends all their time marshaling, and no time shooting!

Please consider signing up for two shifts if you can. There will be two woods walks this year.

Also, please note that there are no shifts available on Sunday from 11-12, and after 2. The range will close at these times for the Archery Championship.

Please use the link Endewearde Hunt Archery Shifts form.*

Good day, people of Endewearde, Malagentia and points east and west! The cooler mornings, ripening harvest, and hints of red in leaves is signaling a change of seasons – summer into autumn. With autumn comes The Hunt. There are many wonderful things to do and learn, and many fine people to meet and renew conversations with at this event.

Gift others with your smiling face and welcoming words – please sign up for a chance to sit troll, and share this gift with friends, old and new!

Please use the link Endewearde Gate Shift Signup.*

If you would like to merchant at the Endewearde Hunt, please contact the autocrat by email: There is no merchant fee and we would love to have you.

If you are planning to bring a Youth Minor (anyone under the age of 18) to a Society for Creative Anachronism event for whom you are not their parent or legal guardian, then you must obtain the proper forms and signatures. This policy applies to relatives of the guest minor as well (for example: siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins).
You can read Endewearde’s FAQ for Guest Minors so you can plan to obtain the necessary forms, signatures and notary public services before the youth guest minor accompanies you to an event.

Private Residence
2910 Western Ave
Newburgh, ME 04444
Google Map

● Take your best route to Exit 174 (Rt. 69) off I-95 in Maine.
● Head toward Newburgh (turning right if coming from the South, turning left if coming from the North).
● Travel about 1 1/4 miles to the flashing light of the intersection with Rt 202/9.
● Here turn right to go west.
● The site is about 4 miles down the road on your right.
The site is a private residence. You will drive through the back yard. Have faith! You are on the right path.

Event Site Maps will be posted to the Endewearde Hunt facebook event page

Adult Weekend: $20 ($5 Member Discount)
Adult Day: $15 ($5 Member Discount)
Child (5-17) Weekend: $10
Child (5-17) Day: $5
Child (0-4) Weekend: Free
Child (0-4) Day: Free
Make Checks Payable to: SCA Maine, Inc – Endewearde

Event Steward: Meisterin Agatha Wanderer
mka Rachel Case
(207) 862-2305 

Deputy Autocrat:
Lady Audrye Beneyt
MKA Danielle Hunt
(207) 631-9706

No reservations required or accepted.


There is a public facebook event page The Endewearde Hunt 2018 which will have discussions and updates on activities at the Endewearde Hunt.

The official announcement for the Endewearde Hunt event appears on the East Kingdom event page.

(*Form will be active later.)


Thrown Weapons Schedule Spring 2018

Here is the schedule of thrown weapons practices for Lord Seamus’ range.

Regular weekly practices on Wednesdays.  5:30pm until dusk.
April 25
May 2, 4, 16, 23, 30
June 6, 13, 20, 27
July 25
August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
For more information: email the Marshal at

Baronial Muster at Fort Knox – June 15-17, 2018

The Baron and Baroness of Endewearde have given the call to arms!
The people of the region will visit and bear witness to our preparations – this is an event which will be a demonstration of our SCA experiences to the public visiting Fort Knox.
Endwearde’s fighters sharpen your swords! Archers string your bows and artisans bring your crafts! We must demonstrate to the Populace we are ready and able to defend the North!
A medieval village encampment will be hosted over the weekend to ready ourselves and hearten the populace.
In the evening after visiting hours there will be more training, a potluck dinner Saturday and the Baronial youth Champioship on Sunday wrapping up with court Sunday afternoon.
No period tents? No problem there are indoor options, just ask the Autocrat.
Day trippers are welcome and encouraged to join us in our mini war camp, teaching classes, displaying wares and vendors for a merchant quarter.
This Demo is not the normal event so come ready to learn, fight, craft, vend and find new recruits to join our august forces.

Attendee Schedule*

Saturday June 16th
10:00 am Opening ceremonies
11:00 am Guided village tour starting at the gate
11:00 am Knightly combat in trench warfare
12:30 pm Fencing combat
12:30 pm Youth combat
2:00 pm Guided village tour starting at the gate
2:00pm Combat archery and field battle training in battery “A”

Sunday June 17th
10:00 am Guided village tour starting at the gate
10:00 am Knightly Tournament
12:30 pm Fencing combat
1 pm Guided village tour starting at gate
2 pm Youth combat Baronial Championships
3 pm Baronial Court

Artisan Village and merchants will be open with ongoing activities and classes through both Days between 10am and 3pm.  Saturday will extend until 5pm for classes.

*schedule is subject to change

Volunteer Schedule
June 15 – Friday 5pm site opens for set up
June 16 – Saturday 9am – 5pm open to public; 5-8pm Scadian activities
June 17 – Sunday 9am – 3pm public demo plus court;  3-5pm load out

Baronial Meeting – April 29th – POSTPONED


Fill out the Doodle Poll for reschedule input:

There will be a quarterly business meeting of the Barony of Endewearde on Sunday, April 29, 2018 from 2:00-4:00 pm. The meeting will be held at the Bangor Housing Authority, 161 Davis Road, Bangor, Maine 04401.

Please send agenda items to the Seneschal of Endewearde.


Baronial Arts and Sciences Championship at Jehan’s

A Letter from Mistress Agatha Regarding Baronial Arts and Sciences Championship at Jehans 2018

Endewearde and Friends,

First, let me thank all who have submitted their intent to compete in our A&S Championship at Jehan’s. The Barony is blessed to be home to so many fine artisans.

In addition to our championship, there is to be a populace vote competition and display space available. Works entered into the display or entered into the championship are both eligible for the populace vote competition. This competition is separate from the championship and is open to all attending the event. You may also display without competing.

Artisans who are competing but not attending should plan on providing documentation for their work, explaining at the very least their inspiration, process, and methods and materials. We obviously cannot interview artisans who cannot attend, but documentation will help us to understand your process.

There will be someone in the display area at all times to watch over all of the entries.

The form for this is linked below and there will also be copies available on site.

For Judges

Hello, Endewearde! I’d like to thank those folks who have stepped forward as judges for our second Arts and Sciences Championship.

Here’s how judging will work: We will have a panel of judges who will meet with artisans face-to-face to discuss their entries. This is a chance for artisans to really show off what they know! The judging time frame will be from 12:15-2:00. During this time the display and competition areas will be closed to the populace to allow for interviews. Each artisan will have an assigned time to be at their table for their interview, which will be approximately 15 minutes.

During court that afternoon, Their Excellencies will announce their newest Arts and Sciences Champion!




Jehan’s Fighting and Fencing at the Fort

Fort Knox Maine tower with Endewearde coat of arms bannerFighting, fencing, and a tavern with a warm fire and good company!

April 28, 2018 at Historic Fort Knox, Maine
gate opens at 9am and closes at 5pm (anticipated)

 Come join the brave fighters and fencers of the Barony of Endewearde, and friends from beyond our borders, within the granite Fort Knox.

Jehan’s Fighting and Fencing at the Fort will feature adult rapier and armored combat tournaments, with some melees (think stair pit); as well as the Baronial Rapier Championship.


Activities will be fluid throughout the day, this list indicates when “things(tm)” will begin and that you should be in communication with the Marshal in Charge for that activity.

9:00 am Gate Opens
Combat Authorizations and Inspections and Baronial A+S Championship Setup begin

10:00 Baronial A+S Championship Opens – for additional information, visit the page dedicated to  this championship and A&S populace choice display.
Rapier, Cut and Thrust and Melees begin

10:30 Youth Combat

11:00 Baronial Fencing Tournament

12:00 Rattan Melees and Combat

2:00 pm Baronial Fencing Championship

3:00 Baronial A+S Championship Closes

3:30 Baronial Court Opens

4:30 Baronial Court Ends Site Cleanup

5:00 Site Closes We have a HARD close time of 5pm, please bear this in mind when planning your day.

For those not martially inclined, there will be warming fire tended by Lord Ragnar as well as competitions in Arts and Sciences and a Baronial Court.

We encourage you to bring your own food, as there will be no day board. 

Additional Information

If you have a banner, flag or shield that you would like to display on the fences that surround the Fort green PLEASE do it!! Having such things really do help the ambience.

Thanks to Lord Eoin an Doire we will have Gold Key clothing at Gate! For those of you with newcomers please feel free to take what you need, although I would suggest that you bring your own belts!

Frouva Hrefna of Wyndriche will be running a paper form gate rather than the electronic system we have been using. For the best Trolling experience please have your Blue membership card ready, and to steal a phrase; correct change is always awesome!

For fencing and all kinds of such fun, Lord Radbod will be your MIC and general shenanigan creator. For Rattan your MIC will be Lord Gryffyd Abernathy and our own Baron Ane du Vey. For Youth Combat Activities Lord Thomas de Marr will be Head Velociraptor hearder.

Meisterin Agatha Wanderer will be your contact point for the Baronial A+S Championships, with Lady Olalla Tristana will be looking after those who are entering the Populace Choice display. Visit the page dedicated to this championship and A&S populace choice display for more information.

As we are a bloodthirsty bunch, we are also honoured to have the Guild of Chirurgeons present! Lady Admiranda Howard and Lord Radbod will be present to apply Band Aids!

During the day we will have an open fire in the Tavern, Lord Ragnar and his Lady have volunteered to manage the area. If you wish, we are accepting donations of LOCAL sourced firewood, one or two chunks would make the supply for the day stretch longer.

We have no dayboard, so please plan accordingly. Water will be available in the rest room for drinking and we will have orange coolers inside the Fort.

Parking will be in the site parking lot.

A quick glance at the weather forecast shows mid fifties and a chance of rain showers. As the Fort tends to be cool the autocrat would recommend layers and an extra blanket!

Entry Fees

$7 for Adults (18+)
Youths 17 and under enter free!!

All adults showing proof of current SCA Membership will receive a $5 discount on their site fee

No reservations required or accepted.


Event Steward: Lord Calvius Nero
Deputy : Lord Edmund Beneyt

Event Location 

Fort Knox Historic State Park
US Route 174
Prospect, ME 04416


From Belfast: Proceed north on US Rte 1, through Searsport and Stockton Springs, immediately before crossing the new Penobscot Narrows Bridge, take a left onto Rte. 174. Fort Knox will be approximately 1/4 mile up on your right.

From Bar Harbor: Follow US Rte. 1 south across the new Penobscot Narrows Bridge, immediately adjacent to the town of Bucksport. Once over the bridge take a right onto Rte. 174. Fort Knox will be approximately 1/4 mile up on your right.

From Bangor: On Rte. 1A South….follow Rte 1A South through the towns of Hampden, Winterport, Frankfort and Prospect. In Prospect Center, take a left onto Rte. 174. Follow Rte 174 approximately 4 miles. Fort Knox will be on your left. On Rte 15 South….follow Rte 15 South through the city of Brewer and the towns of Orrington and Bucksport. In Bucksport, take a right onto US Rte.1 South and proceed over the new Penobscot Narrows Bridge. Immediately upon exiting the bridge take a right onto Rte. 174. Fort Knox will be approximately 1/4 mile up on your right.

POSTPONED:: Endewearde Baronial A & S Championship and Revel – March 17, 2018

Due to unforeseen circumstances this event has been postponed. We will update you when we have more information about its rescheduling.


Endewearde Baronial A & S Championship and Revel

The Barony of Endewearde must find a new Arts and Sciences Champion!

This year the Baronial A&S Championship event will take place at the Edward K. Arey Community Center in Bucksport on March 17th with a potluck Feast of Saint Patrick.

Site opens at 11 am with the potluck beginning at 12 noon. All entries being presented, admired, and judged are asked to set up before 11:45 for judging beginning at 12:45. Court is expected to begin at 3:00, where the next champion will be announced.

All artisans are encouraged to enter their works. There will be a Friends of Endewearde Category for those outside our borders who wish to compete, as well as a Children’s Category for those youth not wishing to compete for the champion.

In addition to the Arts & Sciences Championship, there will be a Special Challenge for the populace!

To Their Excellencies favor: Our most wise and powerful Baron and Baroness will choose one among you who catches Their eyes with a gift.

Mistress Agatha and Our Champion, Fru Hrefna Hrodbjortsdottir, challenge you to wear your best, most fun and creative green, white, or orange garb in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day and Ireland.

*** Notice: All entrants must complete the entry form no later than one week (March 10th) before the competition indicating their willingness to compete.  ***

Entrants must register to compete. The form which should be filled out is here:

Entrants will be judged using the East Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship rubric. A PDF of the Rubric is available here:

Entrants may enter a single substantial item or a body of work consisting of 3 – 5 related items that are connected to one another in a significant and meaningful way. A body of work will be judged as a single item. Items can be from a single discipline or from multiple disciplines. In either case, entries should be something the entrant has completed within the last two years. Please note that documentation of work is encouraged, and performance entries are welcomed as items.

Those bringing potluck are asked to include a list of ingredients to place beside your offering.

Site fees are $10 per adult, $3 per child (6 – 17).
Children 5 and under are free.
A $5 member discount does apply to adult fees.