Baronial Arts and Sciences Championship at Jehan’s

A Letter from Mistress Agatha Regarding Baronial Arts and Sciences Championship at Jehans 2018

Endewearde and Friends,

First, let me thank all who have submitted their intent to compete in our A&S Championship at Jehan’s. The Barony is blessed to be home to so many fine artisans.

In addition to our championship, there is to be a populace vote competition and display space available. Works entered into the display or entered into the championship are both eligible for the populace vote competition. This competition is separate from the championship and is open to all attending the event. You may also display without competing.

Artisans who are competing but not attending should plan on providing documentation for their work, explaining at the very least their inspiration, process, and methods and materials. We obviously cannot interview artisans who cannot attend, but documentation will help us to understand your process.

There will be someone in the display area at all times to watch over all of the entries.

The form for this is linked below and there will also be copies available on site.

For Judges

Hello, Endewearde! I’d like to thank those folks who have stepped forward as judges for our second Arts and Sciences Championship.

Here’s how judging will work: We will have a panel of judges who will meet with artisans face-to-face to discuss their entries. This is a chance for artisans to really show off what they know! The judging time frame will be from 12:15-2:00. During this time the display and competition areas will be closed to the populace to allow for interviews. Each artisan will have an assigned time to be at their table for their interview, which will be approximately 15 minutes.

During court that afternoon, Their Excellencies will announce their newest Arts and Sciences Champion!




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