Baronial Resources

FortKnoxTowerThe central Maine group, Endewearde, was recognized as a shire by the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in May 1987. In 2013 Endewearde became a barony and held its first baronial investiture on September 28th.

Held within Endewearde’s archives is a collection reflecting the history and activities since its incipiency. This collection represents a work in progress as materials are researched and documented before inclusion in the collection.

Governing Documents

The latest update to the Barony of Endewearde charter was done in April 2013.

Endewearde’s baronial and canton meetings

Endewearde’s Champions and Baronial Court Business

Endewearde Heraldic Badges

Barony of Endewearde Territory

Baronial Newsletter

List of All Endewearde Events & SCA Demos

Portions of this archive will be reorganized as new categories are added and refined.

Collection last updated: 8/11/2016