Winter Camp-Craft Gathering

Image from the British Library. Egerton 1147 f. 6v  January

Image from the British Library. Egerton 1147 f. 6v January

On Saturday & Sunday, March 12-13, 2016, there will be an informal (Free) gathering organized by some of the Foresters of Endewearde to be held in the woods behind the home of Sir Ané du Vey and Mistress Sylvia du Vey, Baron and Baroness of Endewearde, in Bucksport, Maine.

Come for a couple of hours or overnight and teach/learn/practice fire starting, campfire cooking, firewood gathering and tent & tarp-shelter set up. Bring your skis and snowshoes. Try your new winter garb or footwear. Have a snowball fight. Sing, dance, cook, eat, play.

Plans so far include two canvas wall tents with wood stoves that will be given a test run as winter camping shelter. There will likely be an outside campfire to share during the day. Since a lot of us do not have medieval garb suitable for the cold of the winter woods, period garb is optional. This is intended to be a family friendly gathering and that children will be welcome to come and encouraged to learn and play as well.

Dead wood on site may be gathered or cut for firewood.

Please direct your questions to Lord Seamus na Coille Aosda at
for more information about this outdoor activity and for directions.