East Kingdom Twelfth Night: Saturday, January 6, 2018

British Manuscript Library: Additional 42130 f. 208 Feast

The Barony of Endewearde’s proposal to host the annual East Kingdom Twelfth Night royal progress event in Bangor, Maine has been accepted by Their Royal Highnesses Ivan Ivanov Syn Dimitriov Vynuk Tzardikov and Matilde DeCadenet.

The budget for this event has been approved by the Endewearde Finance Committee.

The event steward is Lady Audrye Benyet. The site will be the Unitarian Universalist Church in downtown Bangor, Maine.

An official announcement will be posted with information regarding feast reservations and other details about this royal progress event.

Updated: 8/02/2017

Feast of Saint Sylvester reservations accepted until Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Exchequer badge: Azure, a pale checky gules and argent between six bezants in pale three and three.

Exchequer badge: Azure, a pale checky gules and argent between six bezants in pale three and three.

There are still plenty of seats available for the Feast of Saint Sylvester to be held on Saturday, January 7, 2017 in Northeast Harbor, Maine. The deadline for reservations is coming up quickly so please visit the event website to download and print the reservation form. It is highly recommended that you send the Reservations Clerk, Master Godric of Hamtun, email at exchequer@endewearde.eastkingdom.org to let him know that you have just mailed your payment.

The Endewearde Hunt: October 6-9, 2017

This is a placeholder event page on the Barony of Endewearde website for the annual Endewearde Hunt to be held over Columbus Day weekend, October 6-9, 2017. This event traditionally takes place at at private residence in Newburgh, Maine.

When submitting an event announcement for this event on the East Kingdom Calendar, please use the following url for this webpage

The Endewearde Hunt: October 6-9, 2017

The budget for the Endewearde Hunt has been approved by the Barony of Endewearde Finance Committee. The next step will be the submission of the event announcement to Pikestaff and the East Kingdom online event calendar. Once the event announcement is approved by the Seneschal of Endewearde it will appear on the East Kingdom Event Calendar. Updates will be posted to this webpage as well as any links to Social Media, such as a facebook event page.

Updated: 02/16/2017



The forests of Endewearde are vast and with Autumn upon us, the gentles gather together in the hollow to seek out friendship, knowledge, skill and fame. The Endewearde Hunt boasts all of these things and more. The maples and oaks watch over as a new Baronial Archery and Thrown Weapons Champions are sought through displays of prowess. Under the pines, people gather to learn arts and sciences from others. Their Excellencies watch over the populace with love and admiration. Joyous days are had by all.

Endewearde’s premier camping event takes place in Newburgh, Maine and will be filled with archery and thrown weapons competitions, the famous Woods Walk, a potables round table, a vast A&S track, and more! There is some rumor of a bit of fencing, as well!

This year will also feature the Second Annual Malweardian Naval Battle. Prepare your small siege weapons to attack the floating boats on the pond. More details will be released closer to the event itself.

A sausage fundraiser will take place on Friday evening for a nominal fee.

There will be no Saturday dayboard planned. Instead, Saturday evening will play host to a potluck of vast proportions. If you wish to participate, please bring a dish to share and remember your feast gear. All kinds of dishes welcome!

The site offers primitive camping and above ground fire pits are welcome! Dogs are also permitted, but must remain on a lead at all times. The location has no running water, so please plan accordingly. Port-o-Castles will be located throughout the site for your convenience.

If you are interested in teaching a class for the Arts & Sciences track, a fillable form will be available closer to the event.

Merchants are welcome, as always, but must contact the autocrat. Priority space will be given in order to those who contact the autocrat.

Autocrat: Lady Audrye Beneyt
Email: audrye.beneyt@gmail.com

Additional information will be posted once the announcement for this event is submitted to the East Kingdom newsletter Pikestaff.


There is a public facebook event page The Endewearde Hunt 2017 which will have discussions and updates on activities at the Endewearde Hunt.

Tourney of Love Feast Reservations: due Friday, February 2016

Heart shaped map (1534) by Oronce Finé, a French mathematician and cartographer. National Library of France.

Heart shaped map (1534) by Oronce Finé, a French mathematician and cartographer. National Library of France.

Reservations for the evening feast at the Barony of Endewearde’s famous Tourney of Love event must be received by the baronial exchequer, Master Godric of Hamtun, by Friday, February 5, 2016.

You can find the registration form through the Tourney of Love event page and other information about this annual winter event.

Celebration of the Feast of Saint Sylvester, Saturday, January 2, 2016


Before the dawn of a new day the staff of the seaside Canton of Basingestoches have arisen and are preparing to welcome guests for its second celebration of the Feast of Saint Sylvester. The reservations clerk has carefully tallied monies, the grand feast hall has been swept and adorned in grand furnishings, the head cook and her staff have lovingly wrought their kitchen magics to bring forth a culinary spectacle as never before seen in these fair coastal lands of the Barony of Endewearde.