Master Index of Endewearde Residents

Last Updated: Currently under construction (March-May 2017).
Caution! Contents may shift suddenly!

This is an index of the citizens of the Barony of Endewearde. It is ordered alphabetically by first name. If you currently reside within the borders of Endewearde which includes the cantons of Basingestoches and Wyndriche as well as the proposed canton in Washington County, Maine, and wish to have your name added to this list, please contact the Barony of Endewearde Web Minister, Lady Bryn Millar.

The Master Index contains names of currently active and inactive residents who reside within the barony and have received SCA awards. The names of deceased members of the barony are also recorded. New locally active members are also included. 

You do not have to be a paid SCA member or have received an award in the SCA to be included on this list. You do not have to have a registered SCA name either. You do have to be a current resident of the Barony of Endewearde as determined by your current residence within Endewearde borders. If you are new to the SCA it is highly recommended that you are “active” for 6 months to one year and regularly attending local activities  or practices in the Barony of Endewearde and some SCA events as you are able. This master index is usually reviewed and updated mid-summer and mid-winter. Individual entries of Endewearde residents are updated as necessary.

As of March 2017 there is a Friends of Endewearde page for residents who have moved away from our barony or who have been inactive for the last two years and have not been recognized with an award in the SCA.


Admiranda Howard
Adrianna Longstrider
Agatha Wanderer
Alan of Whittesie
Aleson Gray of Cranleigh
Alessandra da Montereggioni
Aliyah of Endewearde
Alys Treeby
Amee de Jardyn
Anders Carlson
Andre Quiboit du Lait
Ané du Vey
Anelida Falconbridge
Anlón Greywolf
Anne Wyecliffe
Anya Krasnoperkin
Appollonia Knutsdotter
Arinbjorn Niallson Langtaler a’Chnuirm Ghuirm
Audrye Beneyt
Autumn of Wyndriche



Basil Taragis
Beccán Ua Néill
Benjamin of Thanet House
Beth of Sios Thoir
Blade of Wyndriche
Brandon de Tournai
Bridget of Eplahaheimr
Brita Mairi Svensdottir
Brunhilda of Endewearde
Bryn Millar


Caitlin Tredheves au Penn an Wlas
Calvius Nero
Catarina Dughall
Caterine Faucheresse
Catherine of House Thanet
Cecile Du Pearche
Cecilia Peters
Cedric of Thanet
Charity of Basingestoches
Cherrl de la Rouche
Chuck of Basingestoches
Clare Lightfote
Cody of Endewearde
Colm Kile of Lochalsh
Constancia de Vianne
Cormac Longstrider
Cutbert Cunninghame


Daniel of Endewearde
Dmiterko Lugvinoch
Diego-Martin de la Fuente


Edmund Beneyt
Emile of Wyndriche
Eoin an Doire
Eva du Vey


Finán mac Bressail
Frasier MacLeod


Gaius Fabious
Gavin of Brockton
Giovanni da Montereggioni
Godric of Hamtun
Gregory Finche
Gruffydd Abernethy
Gwillim Kynith


Halldís Úlfsdóttir
Heather of Basingestoches
Honour Grenehart
Hrafn Isaugu
Hrefna Hrodbjortsdottir


Isabella Altoviti
Isobel of Endeweard


Jadin Mobeus
James of Wyndriche
Janet of Wyndriche
Jehan Fitz Alan
Jon of Basingestoches

Jordan Harvey


Kaitlyn O’Shea
Katharine of Kyngesbridge
Katherine la Lionesse
Katheryn van Catwiic
Kellemetlen Arpad
Kelly of Wyndriche
Kerry Johnston
Kristin of Raven Ridge


Leo Finnason
Leofwenn of Wytleseie
Liberty of Wyndriche
Lijsbet van Catwiic
Linda of Endewearde
Logan of Endeweard


Mabbe atte Eye
Malagrog Badgeron Veassulurd
Marek Casimir
Margaret of Rochester
Matthäus Plattnersohn
Marguerite Faucheresse
Mel of Sios Thoir
Mercedes Vera de Califia
Mike of Basingestoches
Misha of Endeweard
Moira Fennor of Argyll
Morgan Faraday
Murtagh O’Kelley
Mykolas Dughall


Nevell Sudlow
Nicholas the Good
Nicol mac Donnchaidh
Njall Randvesson
Nuttus Assingdone


Oguri Tatsuko
Olalla Tristana
Oleksander Brazhnyk
Otto Gottlieb


Paige of Wyndhaven
Pauline of Wyndriche
Peter Pedrick
Petra von Mumpf
Poplyr Childs


No entries .


Radbod of Endewearde
Ragnarr Inn Grai
Raven Luosey
Richard de Marr’
Richard Dumfries
Rissa of Endewearde
Robert de Bury atte Oakesforde
Roland de la Mar
Rose of Shannon


Sam of the Goff
Sarah of House Thanet
Saruca bint Lazari
Seamus Na Coille Aosda
Sean Cleirech
Set-Amber of Wyndriche
Seth of Wyndhaven
Sherrie of Endewearde
Slàine An Doire
Sylvia du Vey


Tan’ia Ozerovskaia
Techán Mac Gothraidh
Tess MacQueen The Kilt Maker
Therasia von Tux
Thomas de Marr’
Thomas of Wyndriche
Thora the Mad
Trisha of Wyndhaven
Tsuikage Okami no Kishu


No entries .


Vivien de Valois .


Warren Stuart
William of Wyndhaven


No entries .


Ysenda Cleland
Yzabell Du Pearche


No entries .