Baronial Academy of Performance

Endewearde’s Baronial Academy of Performance is a group for people interested in performing in the SCA, be it singing, storytelling, instrumental music, acting, or any other performance or entertainment activity here in our Barony.

We’re not a formal “school” as the name might suggest; we are called an Academy because a group of bards is called a College and we’re a bit smaller than that.

Since the plague times, we’ve not been meeting much but we’re hoping that this sort of activity begins to become more commonplace. Watch this page for more info, or check out the Facebook group described below.

Does performing in the Current Middle Ages sounds like your jam? Contact Gormlaith an Malagenteach (mka Laura Foster) at, show up at one of our meetings, and if you’re on Facebook, join our group at (the group is secret only because we like to keep our plans a surprise from the rest of the Known World!)

Please join the Facebook Group or email us to learn when our next gathering is.