Funds Requests

Need money for a thing?

You can request money for many things.  Some ideas are:

  • Baronial Regalia
  • Supplies/targets/loaner gear for martial activities
  • Revels
  • Demos
  • Classes
  • And much more!

Funds Request Form (google form sent directly to exchequer)

After you submit your request to the exchequer, it will go to the finance committee.  You will hear back from the exchequer within one month of the initial request.

Do you need insurance?

We are covered for all gatherings but some sites require an additional insurance rider.  THIS HAS A DEADLINE!  If you need an insurance rider for any site, that payment must be received by the insurance company at least 30 days before the date of the gathering (preferably 60)!  This shouldn’t be an issue for events (with the 4 month budget deadline), but is something to consider for smaller gatherings.  PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK WITH YOUR SITE WHEN YOU RESERVE THE DATE!  Ask “do I need proof of insurance, or an insurance rider?” and pass the answer on to the exchequer.

Raising money for a thing?

Want to raise funds for the Barony?  Or maybe for a big ticket item, but don’t want to hold onto them forever?  You can do that!  The Barony can hold onto the funds until the item is purchased.  Here is an example of how that can work:

  • Sell concessions at an event or revel (Like THL Gryffudd’s Sausages or Mistress Agatha’s Meat Pies!)
  • Have a raffle
  • Sponsor “pieces” of the item (like the poles on the Sunshade)
  • Got other ideas?  Tell us and they can be posted here!

Here are the large projects we are currently fundraising for:

  • Baronial Sunshade $1075/$1500 goal