Running an Event

Want to host an event in Endewearde?

Event requests need to be submitted to the Seneschal at least 6 months before the event date.  Event budgets need to be submitted to the Exchequer at least 4 months before the event date (after your event has been approved).

  • Event Bid Form (google forms–sent straight to Seneschal and Exchequer)
  • Event Bid Form (word document–must be emailed to
  • Event Budget Form (google sheet–must be emailed to

Here are the most common Endewearde Events and the dates that they happen:

  • Feast of St. Sylvester and A/S Champions (January—bid due by June)
  • Tourney of Love (February—bid due by July)
  • The Endewearde Hunt (October—bid due by April)

Other Endewearde Events:

  • Jehan’s Fighting and Fencing at the Fort (April—bid due by October)
  • Baronial Heavy List Champions (September—bid due by March)

Kingdom Level Events:

  • If you would like to host a kingdom level event, please refer to EK Law (found here) for the proper procedures.
  • Exceptions to the six month deadline can be made with the Seneschal’s approval.

Is it an event or a revel?

Not every gathering has to be an event!  If you are charging a gate fee, expecting a large crowd from beyond the Barony, or are planning to make money for the Barony, you are hosting an event.  If you just want to have a smaller and more local gathering, have you considered a Revel?  You can still request funds for a Revel, and you can collect donations.  Please look at the Fund Request section on the Exchequer page for more information.  Championships can be held at Events, at Revels, or even at practices.  You can also request funds for a Demo; these do not count as events!

When you start to think about your budget and your site fee, please keep in mind that events should be bringing in at least $250-$500 profit.  It is this money that allows us to buy things with funds requests!  If it is a Kingdom Level Event or Royal Progress, plan on bringing in at least $1,000 profit.  Some of this money goes to the East Kingdom (half for kingdom level, 20% for RP).

Need some help with your budget?

You can always ask your friendly neighborhood exchequer for budgeting help. Also, for reference, the event reports for the past five years can be found here.

Event Steward’s Guide

The Barony of Endewearde Seneschals and Event Stewards, past and present, have developed a guide to planning and executing successful Endewearde events. This working document is a general workflow that includes checklists and timelines for task deadlines. While there are plenty of people in the Barony more than happy to help, this document should help cross Ts and dot Is. The document can be found here.