Finance Committee Activity

The Endewearde Finance Committee does not meet in person on a regular basis, but does communicate, discuss, and vote online. The following information is a summary of our communication this year. For previous years, please look in the archive (currently being constructed–thank you for your patience!).

Please contact any Finance Committee member at any time with questions, comments, concerns, and opinions. The list of committee members can be found here. We value your input!


  • Begin discussion of Baronial Pavillion funds request process
    • This will be the largest expense yet made by the Barony
    • Some money has already been raised for this project
    • Possible face to face meetings with populace about how to proceed
    • Link to proposal document (to come)
  • Discussion on transparency with the Barony and how to be more reachable/approachable
    • Create a list of finance committee members on the website and keep it updated.
    • Create a public record of finance committee activity.