Baronial Officers

Greater Officers

Baronial Heads
Baroness Agatha Wanderer and Baron Otto Gotlieb  serve as the Baroness and Baron of Endewearde. They act as ceremonial heads for baronial courts and ambassadors representing the benevolent presence of Their Royal Majesties to the populace of Endewearde.

Baroness Agatha Wanderer

Baron Otto Gotlieb

The Honorable Lord Gwillim Kynith
Administrative Head of the Barony of Endewearde

This is the primary contact in the Barony of Endewearde for general information provided to the Media (newspaper, radio, television, podcasts), and for any general administrative questions.  They may also be referred to as the local chapter president.

Deputy Seneschal
Master Otto Gotlieb

Chancellor of the Exchequer
Lady Admiranda Howard

The Exchequer is the treasurer of the local group and manages the finances and accounts for the Barony.

Deputy Exchequer
Lady Isabella Altoviti

Mistress Margaret of Rochester

Editor of the Barony of Endewearde newsletter, The Northern Watch 

Mistress Brita Mairi Svensdottir

The Herald provides guidance for individuals to research and develop a medieval name and heraldic device that could potentially be registered with the Society for Creative Anachronism College of Heralds. The herald also represents the official announcement voice in ceremonies of baronial court.

The Honorable Lord Eoin an Doire

This is the Primary Contact in our group for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Society for Creative Anachronism organization in general. This person will assist you in learning more about what local Endewearde activities are scheduled each week and how to become involved in our local group as well as serves as the point of contact for borrowing outfits (called Gold Key) for your first or second event.  This is also your first point of contact to request Educational Demonstrations for your organization (such as scout troops, libraries, K-12 schools).

Combat & Martial Arts Officers

The following officers are the primary contact people for each type of youth and adult martial activity in the Barony of Endewearde.

Lord Njall Randvesson

Marshal in charge of target archery.  Any age may participate so long as they are able to follow the rules of the range.

Knight’s Marshal
The Honorable Lord William of Wyndhaven

Martial in charge of all rattan fighting held within the Barony. Participants should be 18+.  (A youth age 17 may play with the express consent of their parent/guardian.)

Combat Archery Marshal
Baron Ané du Vey

The Honorable Lord Thomas de Marr

Marshal in charge of youth combat, ages 6-17.

Adult Rapier Combat
Lord Radbod of Endewearde

Marshal in charge of rapier (fencing) combat.  Participants should be 18+.

Youth Rapier Combat
Please send all inquiries regarding youth rapier to

Youth Rapier Combat marshal. Youth participants are ages 6-17 years old.

Thrown Weapons
The Honorable Lord Seamus na Coille Aosda

Marshal in charge of axe, knife, and spear throwing at targets.  Participants must be age 5 or older and be able to follow the rules of the range.

Minister of Lists
The Honorable Lady Mór Cille Caindigh

Contact this person for tournament lists, authorization forms, and the most current roster of adult heavy weapons and rapier combatants. This person can provide help in replacing a lost or damaged combat authorization card.

Officers of the Gentle Arts

The following officers are the primary contact people for non-combat activity in the Barony of Endewearde.

Minister for Arts & Sciences
Frouva Halldis Ulfsdottír

Primary point of contact for anyone interested in pursuing the arts and sciences.

Deputy Minister for Arts & Sciences
Lord Calvius Nero

Drottin Hrafn Isauga

The point of contact for the inventory and property held by the Barony.

Chancellor Minor
The Honorable Lord Thomas de Marr

Coordinates SCA youth activities in the Barony of Endewearde.

Web Minister
Mistress Aneleda Falconbridge

The webminister is responsible for managing the Barony’s official website.