Foresters Guild of Endewearde

The East Kingdom Foresters Guild is a camping and outdoor living group focusing on primitive and medieval outdoor and survival skills. Regional chapters, such as the Court of the Royal Forests of Endewearde, are administered by a deputy principal officer for that area known as a Keeper, or Keeper of the Forest. Members of the Foresters Guild take on personae based on their historical counterparts in medieval times and locations.

There is an established rank structure within the Foresters Guild; the ranks are Novice, Underforester, Forester, Master Forester, and Grand Master Forester. The requirements for advancement are clearly established within the guild’s by-laws and are based primarily on an individual member’s equipment, their skill and knowledge, and their service within the local group and the guild. The ranking system is primarily used as a means for the individual to set his/her own goals and members within the guild do not use titles to address each other; guild members refer to each other as sister or brother and consider each other as equals.

Foresters engage in all sorts of outdoor activities and travel overland or inland waterways both with medieval equipment and with modern. Hikes and canoe trips and camping outings are organized by the members and include all ages. These activities happen at SCA events as well as guild-organized gatherings.

If you have a fondness for the outdoors, camping, hiking, and boating then you might consider looking into the East Kingdom Foresters Guild. You can contact the Keeper of the Endewearde Forest for more information.