Resources for Newcomers

New to the SCA?

This is the official page on the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) website that explains to newcomers the perspective the SCA, a non-profit organization, takes in recreating the Middle Ages. An explanation of how the SCA began, how it is organized, SCA combat, persona names, ranks and titles, merriment, and how to find a local branch near you (like the Barony of Endewearde here in central Maine, USA).

New to the SCA?

Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) Newcomer Portal
• What is the SCA? • How to get started • Armored Combat • Rapier Combat • History and Culture • Crafting • Equestrian • Youth and Family • Archery and Thrown Weapons • Costuming • Heraldry and Scribal • Performing Arts • Food and Drink • Service • Games and Pastimes • Publications

A Newcomer’s Guide to the SCA* – *(download the pdf)
This is an eight-page brochure with color photos and information on: • What is the SCA? • Getting Started • Who is Who? • Activities • Where to find SCA equipment • Recommended Reading

Forward Into the Past *(download the pdf)
This introductory booklet is published by the Society for Creative Anachronism. Goes into a little more detail ona the following topics: • What is the SCA • Getting Started • Fitting In • What to Wear and How to Behave • Making a T-tunic • Names and Personas • Kingdom & Local Officers • SCA Combat • Who is Who? • Heraldry • Guilds, Households, and Sociability • The Gentle Arts and Sciences

Advice to Newcomers* (download the pdf)
Whether a long time SCA member brought you to your first meeting or you came by yourself, there’s always a period of adjustment. Here’s how to get yourself oriented quickly with tips on how to participate in SCA activities.

East Kingdom Events
The SCA East Kingdom website lists all official events in our kingdom which includes a good portion of Eastern United States and Canada. It can be entertaining to see the variety of events from general large scale gatherings to theme focused events (by culture / time period).

Glossary of Terms – Good Grief, What Do They Mean By That? *(download the pdf)
SCA jargon explained.

Barony of Endewearde website (You Are Here)
The Endewearde website provides a regularly updated main page that lists news of interest to its members, a calendar of activities being offered regularly in the Waterville/Bangor area, information on upcoming central Maine SCA events, a master index of SCA residents (using SCA persona names) along with their titles & awards honors, newcomer information resources, access to back issues of the Northern Watch newsletter, and an archive of past SCA events run in Endewearde.

East Kingdom Chatelaine’s Page
The SCA East Kingdom Chatelaine’s Page has several resources under the Newcomer link for anyone who is  interested in starting to learn more details of how to attend their first event or feast, what is “garb” and  how to make or purchase it, SCA heraldry basics, developing a persona, camping at Pennsic Wars, and much, much more. Here is an overview of the topics covered: • SCA Branches • Attending your First Feast • Attending your First Event • First Garb • SCA Awards • What Language Are You Speaking • Persona, Do I Need One? • Camping & Pennsic • Heraldry Basics • East Kingdom Phamphlet • SCA Newcomer Booklet