From the Exchequer

Curious about what the exchequer does?

The exchequer is responsible for managing the bank accounts and financial assets for the Barony of Endewearde.  This includes writing checks, keeping the ledger, taking event registrations, and reporting all financial activity to Kingdom.

In Endewearde, the exchequer has recently adopted a few procedures to keep better track of our funds.

  • Event Funds: Large expenses are paid directly to the vendor whenever possible (site fee, portojohns, insurance, etc.).  Feast and dayboard funds are paid to the person(s) in charge of those activities.  Any remaining event funds are paid to the autocrat.  This lessons the amount of money that the autocrat is liable for (which for some events, could be a lot).  Any person given funds by the Barony is liable for those funds and must account for them after the event with receipts and/or cash that add up to the original amount.
  • Gate Funds: The exchequer has a bigger role in gate now than in the past.  The exchequer is directly liable for all funds brought in at gate: if there is any discrepancy between the money at gate and the gate sheet, the exchequer must personally pay it.  That being said, we welcome volunteers for gate at our events!  If you are interested in volunteering at gate for any event, please contact the exchequer or deputy exchequer.  Please remember, that while anyone can volunteer to sit at gate, only paid members of the SCA can handle money.
  • Funds Requests: Whenever possible, these will be paid directly to the vendor.  Otherwise, these will be paid to the requestor, and that person will be liable for those funds either in receipts or cash that add up to the original amount.
  • Reports:  The exchequer submits monthly bank account reports to the Seneschal, quarterly ledger reports to the Kingdom, and event reports to the Kingdom (as event reports are largely based on gate).  Event reports from the past five years can be found here