Attending Events

There are many, many activities in Endewearde throughout the year.

Some are large and formal and require an attempt at historic clothing while others are more casual and attended in modern clothing. Some events have a cost, others are by donation or free.

Official events have a registration table (often called “gate” or “troll”) which attendees visit in order to sign in and/or pay the event fee. At this time, if you’re a member, you’ll be asked to show your membership card to receive your member discount. You’ll also be asked to sign some paperwork for yourself and on behalf of any children in your care. If you are bringing children who are not yours, there is paperwork which must be completed in advance and brought with you.

This information may be helpful to you as you attend events in our barony:

Attending Events as a Member

Attending Events as a Non-Member

Attending Events with Your Children

Your Teenager in the SCA

Attending Events with Guest Children