The Northern Watch

The “Northern Watch” has been the name of the official newsletter since Endewearde achieved full shire status in May 1987. The first issue was published in 1990 and has been published in either print or online format since then, in some form or other.

Articles are always wanted! Please contact the Chronicler to talk about ideas for articles or submit your writings, artwork, or random thoughts to

Current Issues

  • Who Watches the (Northern) Watch? January 20, 2021
    Mistress Margaret of Rochester is the current chronicler and would be happy to get your news! You can email her at


Past Issues

The prior Chronicler of the Northern Watch newsletter was Lord Calvius Nero. He established a WordPress blog page for the Northern Watch at

Past issues which were published online are available through another predecessor, Lord Oleksander Brazhnyk, at 

If you have issues we are missing please send them to us! PDF format is preferred.