North Tower Infantry Company

“I Am The Tower, The Tower Shall Not Be Broken”

The North Tower was established to give structure to new fighters coming up through the ranks, and recognize their achievements as they progress. The rank is structured around gaining proficiency in arms and assembling a full fighting kit. Both of these are significant achievements for new fighters, and as such we recognize them. The Tower also trains new fighters to work as a unit in melee fighting. A well disciplined unit of “junior” fighters will prevail over a mob of “experienced” fighters. The Tower is greater than the sum of it’s parts!

Rank Structure

Reserves: Fighter who has become inactive in the company.

Recruit: Fighter who has not authorized, and does not have a full kit, but is attending practice and expresses a desire to be in the Tower.

Regular: Fighter Who has authorized, but does not have a full kit, or has a full kit, but has not authorized.

Shieldman, Spearman, Bowman: Fighter who has authorized and has a full kit.

Sergeant of the Lance: Shieldman, Spearman or Bowman who commands a Lance (3 fighters) or larger.

Sergeant of the Company: Commands the North Tower Infantry Company in the name of our noble Baron & Baroness.

Emblems of Rank

The following emblems of rank may displayed on the upper right corner of a shield or on a black baldric, or on the upper corner of the black quadrant of a Tower Tabard.

Recruit: ½ of a white chevron
Regular: 1 white chevron
Shieldman, Spearman, Bowman: 2 white chevrons
Sergeant of the Lance: 3 white chevrons
Sergeant of the Company: 2 white chevrons atop 1 gold chevron

The Tower Shield: Shieldman of the Tower fight with curved rectangular “scutum or war door” style shield. The Barony of Endewearde populace badge “Per chevron Or and sable, in base a tower, an orle argent” is on the shield.

The Tower Dagger: Is presented to fighters who have fought with the North Tower Infantry on the battlefield at an official SCA event. It has a hilt of alternating white and black.

The Champion’s Shield: The Baron or Baroness may designate a champion among the fighters for a battle. The Champion’s Shield has the white tower on a black and gold gyronny.

The North Tower Infantry Company does not have officers, Sergeant is the highest rank we can hold. This is to show that we are all brothers and sisters in arms, none elevated above the others. Our strength is our unity and our ability to work as a team.


Updated September 14, 2016


  • Tan’ia Ozerovskaia


  • Marguerite Faucheresse


  • Saruca bint Lazari
  • Albrecht Østergaard
  • Joseph of Endewearde
  • Misha of Endewearde
  • Halldis Ulfdottir
  • Caterine Faucheresse
  • Demelza of Basingestoches
  • Dmitriy of Endewearde
  • Nuttus Assingdone
  • Giaus Fabious
  • Calvius Nero


  • Vivien de Valois
  • Njiall Randvesson
  • Techán Mac Gothraidh
  • Beccán Ua Néill
  • Ban of Wintermoor
  • Jadin Mobeus
  • Gruffydd Abernethy


  • Seamus Na Coille Aosda
  • Finán mac Bressail


  • No members of the company currently hold this rank


  • Eoin An Doire
  • Thomas de Marr
  • Hrafn Is Augu


  • William of Wyndhaven