The Great Endeweardian Horkney

August 24, 2024 10am – 10pm (Rain date August 25, 2024)

Join us for a day of friendly challenges, contests, and classes designed by various individual or groups based on any SCA activities be they martial activities, A&S (competitions, challenges, workshops), guild activities, etc.  For martial activities, we currently have a fencing marshal and a heavy combat marshal lined up.

If you have an idea for a challenge, a contest, or a class, please reach out to the event steward.

Each individual or group running a challenge, contest, or class will be given a number of tokens and they may hand these out to their winners, participants, students, newcomers, helpers… as you wish.   In the afternoon participants will be asked to tally their tokens, with the largest number taking the day!  The ultimate goal, of course, is to impress Their Excellencies while trying new things.  Come share your skills and gain new ones.  Join us and have a great time!

One challenge being planned is to have a foresters and a cooks pair off and be given the opportunity to test their skills and compete against other teams.  The foresters  will have their foraging skills challenged by trying to find things from the surrounding lands to be used by their partnered cook.  The challenge for the cook will be to prepare a dish using what their partnered forester brings them.  There will be pre-designated fire pits assigned for this challenge if needed. Their Excellencies will choose the winner of this challenge.

There will be opportunities for new and seasoned foresters to expand on and share their skills and some may be able to get required skills checked off for advancement in the Royal Foresters Guild.

Dogs are allowed on the site but must be on a leash and must pose no threat to other dogs or people.

There is ample roadside parking as you reach the site.

The site abuts the Penobscot River and fishing is permitted. A state fishing license is absolutely required.

The site is “damp”. The site is on private property and the owner hopes for discretion. Above ground fire pits are required, though special arrangements can be made with the event steward.

There will be a dayboard included with the site fee.  Later in the day, there will be a feast (limited to 75 pre-registered people, not including children).

SITE ADDRESS – 254 Notch Road, Corinth, ME  04427

SITE FEES – $25 per person 13 and up ($10 discount for adult members and all minors), $10 for kids 6-12, kiddos under 6 get in free.

FEAST FEE – $5 per person. Please preregister for feast before August 10, 2024 with ***EXCHEQUER***

Please consider joining us for the premiere of this new event.  Check back often for updates and more details.