New Baronial Website


It has been a while in the works, but Endewearde has launched a new website.

It was designed based on survey feedback – people wanted a very prominent calendar, easy to find events, and something that promoted our local group for newcomers. 

Some of the features that you will find include posts for a variety of activities and our officers will be maintaining and posting information to the site as a team to keep everything as up-to-date as possible.

The Calendar can be synced to your own calendar of choice, so you’ll always know what’s happening.

The site has an RSS feed you may subscribe to. You may need to download an extension to view it properly, depending on your web browser.

Officers have access to the calendar, posts, and the site alert bar so they can make updates and get information to visitors easily.

It has info on people in the barony — if you need to be included or want to be removed let us know. We pulled a lot from Lady Bryn’s dedicated work in the past website.

There is a Google Form for Feedback and Error Reporting. Please use it liberally as things may have gotten jostled during the migration.

If there’s something on the “old” site that you suddenly realize you relied on and miss, it’s available to the web minister so please let us know.

I hope that you enjoy the new site!

– Aneleda