Baronial Muster at Fort Knox – June

June 15-17, 2018

The Baron and Baroness of Endewearde have given the call to arms!
The people of the region will visit and bear witness to our preparations – this is an event which will be a demonstration of our SCA experiences to the public visiting Fort Knox.
Endwearde’s fighters sharpen your swords! Archers string your bows and artisans bring your crafts! We must demonstrate to the Populace we are ready and able to defend the North!
A medieval village encampment will be hosted over the weekend to ready ourselves and hearten the populace.
In the evening after visiting hours there will be more training, a potluck dinner Saturday and the Baronial youth Champioship on Sunday wrapping up with court Sunday afternoon.
No period tents? No problem there are indoor options, just ask the Autocrat.
Day trippers are welcome and encouraged to join us in our mini war camp, teaching classes, displaying wares and vendors for a merchant quarter.
This Demo is not the normal event so come ready to learn, fight, craft, vend and find new recruits to join our august forces.

Attendee Schedule*

Saturday June 16th
10:00 am Opening ceremonies
11:00 am Guided village tour starting at the gate
11:00 am Knightly combat in trench warfare
12:30 pm Fencing combat
12:30 pm Youth combat
2:00 pm Guided village tour starting at the gate
2:00pm Combat archery and field battle training in battery “A”

Sunday June 17th
10:00 am Guided village tour starting at the gate
10:00 am Knightly Tournament
12:30 pm Fencing combat
1 pm Guided village tour starting at gate
2 pm Youth combat Baronial Championships
3 pm Baronial Court

Artisan Village and merchants will be open with ongoing activities and classes through both Days between 10am and 3pm.  Saturday will extend until 5pm for classes.

*schedule is subject to change

Volunteer Schedule
June 15 – Friday 5pm site opens for set up
June 16 – Saturday 9am – 5pm open to public; 5-8pm Scadian activities
June 17 – Sunday 9am – 3pm public demo plus court;  3-5pm load out