Brewers Challenge

Greetings from your Guild Wardens Vrouwe Lijsbet van Catwiic and Lord Thomas de Marr’. 

 We have a challenge for all Brewers of all levels to create a mead that will be shared and discussed at the Endewearde Hunt this fall.  We have chosen a recipe from The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened which we will all create according to our own interpretations.  You do not need to be a member of the Guild or Endewearde to enter this challenge!

Never brewed anything before? This challenge is for you! This recipe is straightforward and simple to follow.  It can be done in smaller batches by decreasing quantity in proportion. Need some equipment or a guiding hand?  Please reach out to our Endewearde Brewers Guild, we love to help get people started!

“A Receipt to make Metheglin

Take four Gallons of water, two quarts of Honey, two ounces of Ginger, one ounce of Nutmeg, a good handful of Rosemary tops, and as much of Bay-leaves, two ounces of dried Orange-peel. Boil all these till it be so strong as will bear an Egg, and not sink; when it is milk warm, work it up with Barm during twenty four hours, and then barrel it up.  And after three months you may bottle it up at your pleasure.

As you desire a greater quantity of the drink, you must augment the ingredients, according to the proportions above recited.” 

Not all brewers may have access to Barm so we will allow the substitution of yeast in its place.  

What is Barm? Barm is the foam or scum formed on the top of a fermenting liquid, such as beer, wine, or feedstock for spirits or industrial ethanol distillation. It was used to leaven bread, or set up fermentation in a new batch of liquor.
We look forward to trying everyone’s interpretations of this Metheglin.  We are here to help so please reach out to us in the Endewearde Brewers Guild.  We can be found at  or emailed to