March A&S Challenge

Greetings Endewearde!! Are you all ready for a 31 day challenge? Each day of March will have a different item for you to do to improve/finish up your A&S projects (See calender link below).

What I want everyone to remember is that A&S isn’t just sewing. Calligraphy, wood work, metal work, glass beading, illumination, macracrame, leather work, music, poems, embroidery, brewing, period cooking, etc are just a few of the things that you could do to participate in A&S. I will post more on these later.

I also don’t want people to be worring about the researching and documentation later on this month. This is in no way pressuring you to enter your project into a A&S competion. These day to day challenges are only to help you improve your project and maybe find something new to work on. I will be posting directions for the next day(s) each night on the Endewearde Facebook page with my progress and wanting to hear of yours!!

First things first! Let’s make a list of all your unfinished projects! Put everything on the list, no matter how small. If you were going to make a list of things to take to GNEW and it isn’t done yet, that goes on the list. If you need to fix a small tear in the seam of your dress or add white work to that scroll you are working on, put those on the list. No matter how small, how big, how easy, or how hard the project is, put it on the list if it is not a completed project.!AhLad_1kj_hgjjJtIFKncgwYni5e

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