Dearest Friends,

Otto and I are now getting settled in Salem, Oregon in the Barony of Terra Pomaria, Principality of the Summits, in the Kingdom of An Tir. 

Our decision to leave Endewearde was difficult and heart-wrenching, but necessary in order to support my father and to be closer to Otto’s family as well. Endewearde is our first SCA home, and we have found our chosen family here. When we joined the SCA back in 2008, we were warmly welcomed by so many, and have truly enjoyed seeing others join us on this journey. 

We are writing today to keep you all informed about our plans to step down, and how and when the transition of baronial heads will happen. Because we needed to move away from the East Kingdom in August, it became necessary to involve the EK Seneschal in managing a smooth transition. We determined that requesting a variance to continue as your Baron and Baroness until The Endewearde Hunt, when we can step down in person and celebrate the investiture of the next Baron and Baroness. Their Highnesses (who will by then be Their Majesties) have expressed their full support in investing our heirs and are excited to be attending The Hunt. As it was our first event in the SCA, it is especially meaningful to us, allowing us to come full circle with our dear Barony. 

We are planning to attend the Arts and Sciences Championship on August 20th virtually and will choose the next Champion on that day. It is not ideal, but we hope we can still celebrate the artisans of Endewearde that day. We look forward to seeing the arts of Endewearde!

Thank you so much for all of the support and love we have received during this difficult and stressful time. We wish the best for our home Barony and look forward to seeing many of you in October.

In Service,

Otto and Agatha,
Baron and Baroness of Endewearde