Baronial Chief Retainer Announced

Baroness Melisaunde and Baron Gwillim are pleased to announce that Honorable Lord Rufus Apicius Grippudd (formerly known as Gruffydd Abernathy, but still pronounced Griffith) has agreed to continue in his role as our Chief Retainer Coordinator.  We are both honored by his generous commitment of time and energy.  We look forward to the opportunities to work with those volunteering to retain for us.  In exchange, we will make every effort to make it a fun and positive learning experience. 

You may be asking, “What’s involved?”  Well, here is a primer: 

  • Help us stay on schedule.  Events are often busy and we will need to be on time for a variety of things (i.e. see someone compete in something, see someone give/take a belt (squire, apprentice, protégé, etc.), be to court on time, etc.).  We may rely on you to keep an eye on the time and remind us when we need to be moving onto the next thing.
  • Help us carry or retrieve stuff.  You may be asked to carry our mugs of water for us (Hail Hydration!).  We may need a hand carrying gift baskets or our cloaks.  Or we may need to ask you to retrieve some favors or something we forgot in camp.  Your extra hands, and feet, help us be prepared to shake a hand, give a hug, or retrieve a needed item.
  • Help us remember stuff.  If ever we are gifted or asked to do something, we will sincerely appreciate a note to remind us who gave the thing or asked the question.  We will do our best to remember a notebook and pencil for you to jot down a note. 
  • Help us get enough food, drink, and rest.  It’s fun to have fun.  In order to help us keep up with all the fun, like everyone else, we need the essentials too.
  • Setup/teardown for court and feasts (as needed).  Many hands make light work.  In fact, we may be involved with these activities too!  If the other aspects of retaining don’t sound like your cup of tea, maybe consider this?  We like to “put on a good show” so will have lots of “props” (i.e. thrones, side table, boxes of awards and largess, etc.) that will need to be moved and setup or taken down and put away.
  • Other stuff.  It’s hard to know all the situations that may come up, but having someone with us to pass a message, take a picture, remind us of someone’s name, etc. is a big help we will not take for granted. 

Your help is desperately needed and very much appreciated!  If interested, please contact Lord Rufus (or Grippudd).  He can be easily reached on Facebook, or see him in person.