We Want to Hear from You!

While you are always welcome to chat with us in person, or hit us up on FB Messanger, we welcome you to drop us an email if you prefer. Maybe you have a lot to ask or tell us? Maybe you are a night owl, or early bird? Whatever your reasons, we offer you this option to communicate with us directly. (Note that we tend to be unavailable from 10 PM to 6 AM.) The “baron” or “baroness” AT endewearde DOT eastkingdom DOT org email addresses are aliases, which means that incoming email is forwarded to our Kingdom member email addresses. We can choose to send outgoing email from these email addresses and have folders specifically meant to pass onto future barons and baronesses. The point is, our email accounts are also used for other purposes, meaning we log into them fairly frequently.

Again, to email Baron Otto, please send your email to:
baron AT endewearde DOT eastkingdom DOT org

To email Baroness Agatha, please send your email to:
baroness AT endewearde DOT eastkingdom DOT org

Obviously, replace the words in caps with punctuation and remove the spaces. It is written this way to avoid invitations to spam email.

In Service,
Otto and Agatha
Baron and Baroness of Endewearde