Court report: Investiture, Last Court of Baron Ané du Vey and Baroness Sylvia du Vey


Report for the Court of Baron Ané du Vey and Baroness Sylvia du Vey

Event: Investiture  Location: Bangor, ME  Date: Sept. 21, 2019 Reporting Herald: Brita Mairi Svensdottir, assisting: Hrafn is-Augu

The Baron welcomed everyone to court.

Master Godric of Hamtun presented Baron Ane du Vey with a crossbow made by him and a quiver made by Hrafn is-Augu with bolts made by Njall Randvisson.

Representatives from the shore of Lyndhaven spoke of Baroness Sylvia’s interest in Seal Island, a pretext for a former war between the two groups, and appointed her Warden of Hierdamrokh. She promptly gave that duty to the Foresters Guild.

Their Excellencies thanked many people with gifts:

Their populace with tower tokens made by Her Excellency

Thanet House, their household with hand etched glassware

Eva and Melody, their daughters, with baskets of feast gear

Melisaunde (formerly Constanzia) with a fused glass tower token

Former and current seneschals who had served during their term as Baron and Baroness   

         with decorated wooden boxes

Gruffyth Abernathy, their head retainer, with a mug

Brita Svensdottir, their herald, with a Norse style mug and the promise of making a banner

Then they divested themselves of all the trappings of rank:

They dismissed their champions, thanking them for theior service

Gruffyd Abernathy and Admiranda Howard came forward to receive the kneeling pillows

Faust and Izzy came forward, as children of the incoming Baron and Baroness, to receive

      the shields from Eva and Melody, children of the departing Baron and Baroness

Thomas de marr came forward to receive the seax, a symbol of friendship with Ruantallen

Godric of Hamtum and Margaret of Rochester came forward to receive the heraldic capes

Brita Svensdottir came forward to receive the Order book wherein are the name of all

       those who have received baronial awards

Their Excellencies then knelt before the Queen to give back their coronets. She removed

       them and placed them on the baronial thrones

Their Excellencies exited the hall