On Reentry

Unto the populace of our fair barony, do We, Otto Gottlieb and Agatha Wanderer send greetings.

It has been a long two years since the beginning of the plague times, and we truly look forward to attending local events regularly again. We were so glad that Endewearde was able to hold The Endewearde Hunt last fall, and enjoyed seeing our SCA friends again. The Hunt has been our favorite event since our first year in the SCA, and though we couldn’t camp at our last Hunt, we were still overjoyed to see those who could come and play.

In our modern household (Otto and I are recent empty nesters!), we have started to think about event and camping season, and have started several projects in preparation for summer and winter events. We’ve dug out the feast gear to make sure we have it organized and clean. We need to unpack the tent to make sure it’s still in good condition and make repairs if needed. Otto has plans to make a braggot, and I’ve been busy working on way too many projects to list!  What have you been working on this winter? 

As the warm weather of spring and summer approaches, there will be opportunities for us to gather at practices and events again. If you are new to the SCA or Endewearde, our barony holds fencing, heavy list fighting, archery, and thrown weapons practices, as well as arts and sciences classes and activities. Practices and other gatherings are posted in our Facebook group and on our baronial website, and are all required to comply with the SCA and the East Kingdom’s COVIDSafe policies (the East Kingdom requires masks in addition to the Society’s COVIDSafe policies). 

And exciting news! Great Northeastern War is on! In preparation for GNEW, Otto and I request that you consider making or purchasing largesse for the royal treasure chest (items like small pouches, cords for medallions, woven trim, mugs for newcomers), or toys for the royal toy chest (dolls, games, stuffies, etc.). There is usually a drop-off point posted before the event. 

We look forward to jumping back into the swing of things, and hope to see you at events and practices soon!

Yours in Service,

Otto and Agatha

Baron and Baroness, Endewearde